Delivery truck causes downed lines

Delivery truck causes downed lines

On the morning of Sept 14, a delivery truck leaving from Crump’s in Linden hit the lines that run across Houston Street between South Oak Street and North Foster Street, breaking two poles. There was a car behind the truck that was damaged by the downed lines, but no injury to the driver. The lines are cable and telephone lines. A witness said that there may have been a truck pass through on Friday with a boom attached to it that may have somehow hit the lines causing them to become lower than normal.

CPS Radio Auction a success

Fishing America

North Carolina was the second stop for me on September 5th and the second time I fished in two states on the same day. After having a good morning fishing in South Carolina, I drove just across the line to Calabash, NC where I had booked an afternoon offshore charter with Ed Elliot.

Lewis Community and school

In 1865, Robert Lewis bought land in the J.S. Smith survey in Cass County, Texas. His brother John also moved nearby and was shown on the 1870 Cass County census. The Lewis brothers had served in the Alabama unit of the Confederate army during the Civil War. They both -began to raise cotton and would take it to Jefferson to ship it out. Robert Lewis operated a cotton gin in the community in 1876. His home had been built by slaves prior to 1860.


Cass County Now

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