Cullen Baker is baccckkkk!

It was officially announced on the Bloomburg Community social media page that the Cullen Baker Fair will be back. Typically the event is held in the first week of November. The event highlights the notoriety of infamous, Cullen Montgomery Baker, the town’s probably most well-known historical figure. Baker was a “Confederate deserter, murderer, and lawless Reconstruction era ruffian.” That said the event is “from its inception, has been devoted to ideals and principles that stand in stark contrast to those that governed the life of the Civil War-era outlaw whose name is associated with the event,” noted from Don Shirley’s historical research paper.

Election integrity through innovation

Election integrity through innovation

The Republican Party of Texas recently completed their State Convention in Houston, Texas. Every two years, each party holds precinct, county, and state conventions. Delegates come together from all over the state to discuss and update the party platform and legislative priorities for the next two years. This year, Cass County was represented by eight delegates including myself. The Republican Party of Texas subsequently released their list of Legislative Priorities for the 88th Session (2023-2024) of the Texas Legislature. Chief among them is to protect our elections. Election Integrity has been a hot topic for several years. In 2021 the Texas Legislature passed a measure authored by our Texas State Senator Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) designed to, in his own words, “make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.” Among the reforms were to strengthen poll watcher protection and bring about transparency by utilizing technology throughout the electoral process. This complemented the previous election integrity measures which mandated that by 2024, each county have paper verifiable voting systems.


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