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Many of the people in the United States are soon to receive som extra cash in their pocket to hel them cope through the Covid-1 crisis and to ultimately stimulat the economy. Since this is unprecedented there is a lot of confusion over who gets money an how that money is distributed Moreover, those that have mone to help people in times of disaste also can fall prey to these professional scammers.

Teddy bear hunting
Teddy bear hunting

Teddy bear hunting

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “In the midst of darkness, ligh persists.” These words ring true when describing the resident of Linden, and one resident, in particular, has been inspired t bring a little bit more light during what seems like dark times JoAnna Duncan, owner of the Olde 1852 Market Company ha brought a little light to Linden in the form of a teddy bear i her store’s window. The goal is to give kids something fun t look for as the ride by with parents. It’s a hands-off way o spreading joy. Duncan encourages other shops around town t participate in ‘The Great Bear Hunt’. Inset photo is the Cas County Sun’s bear.


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