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Linden is working hard! We are still digging out of the backlog of work that built up while we were fixing storm damage. Lots of broken water/sewer lines plus park and street damage. We had 30+ mature trees blow down in the park. We will be working to get the park cleared and then mowed. We can accept tree trimmings at the dump if you call City Hall and set up a time.

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The human mind is mysterious and amazing, allowing people to perform the simplest tasks to imagining the great scale of the universe and possibilities yet unheard. But the heartbreak of when things go wrong with the mind can destroy lives if not treated. In the 1800s, very little was understood how to treat mental illness, and those with maladies that could be overcome with patience and kindness were so often tossed aside. One reformer, Dorothea Dix, saw their basic humanity and campaigned across the country and across the world to change the way they were seen and treated, transforming mental health care.

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LEDC Update

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve reviewed the actions taken by the Federal Reserve System (FED) in their efforts to mitigate the economic downturn that is sure to follow the COVID-19 pandemic. The two most significant of which that we’ve seen taken over the past couple of months were the reduction of the federal funds target rate to near zero and the re-implementation of a monetary policy known as quantitative easing—involving purchasing long-term debt from financial markets in order to inject more money into the economy.


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