UIL releases cutoff numbers

Rabbs drop to 3A - DI

The UIL released cutoff numbers for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years last Wednesday, and according to the conference cutoff numbers Atlanta dropped to Class 3A, Division I as expected.

Several other area schools will be moving down in class in regards to football.

Bullard, Brownsboro, Center and Liberty-Eylau dropped from 4A Division I to 4A Division II.

Tatum, Gladewater and Diboll also dropped from 4A Division II to 3A Division I, and both Grand Saline and Quitman dropped from 3A Division I to 3A Division II.

Garrison, Harleton, Como-Pickton and Beckville moved from 3A Division II to 2A Division I, while Simms-James Bowie moves down to 2A Division II from 2A Division I.

The only East Texas schools to move up in classification were Hooks, Crockett and West Rusk who go from 3A Division II to 3A Division I, while Tenaha and Timpson move up from 2A Division II to 2A Division I.

John Tyler and Lufkin also dropped from the ranks of 6A to the new 5A, Division I.

The new district layout will be released in February of 2018.


Class 6A -- 2,150 and above

Class 5A -- 1,100-2,149

Class 4A -- 480-1,099

Class 3A -- 221-479

Class 2A -- 105-220

Class 1A -- 104.9 and below

Class 1A-4A Football Division I and Division II Numbers


1A Division I       59 – 104.9           73 schools

1A Division II     58 and below       69 schools

2A Division I       158 – 220           94 schools

2A Division II     105 – 157           93 schools

3A Division I       319 – 479           106 schools

3A Division II     221 – 318           105 schools

4A Division I       723 – 1,099           93 schools

4A Division II    480 – 722           90 schools

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