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Strength of Atlanta

Lone Oak Buffalo Powerlifting Invitational

Feb. 3, Strength of Atlanta welcomed the sunrise at Lone Oak High School in preparation for the 18th Annual Buffalo Powerlifting Invitational. 
More than 20 schools participated including Nevada Community, Princeton, Bonham and John Tyler.
At the end of the day, Strength of Atlanta took second place in the meet scoring 24 points to Nevada Community’s 25. 
The Rabbits competed admirably in each weight class they represented. 
Super heavyweight Dustin Williams took second in his class with a total of 1,300 pounds. 
In the 275-pound class, Francisco Martinez took fifth with a total of 1,140 pounds. 
Tyrell King placed fourth in the 242s with a 1,120-pound total. 
Freshman Trey Adams had a spectacular day going after a 500-pound squat and a 305-pound bench, before an unfortunate disqualification on the deadlift. 
He had entered the final discipline in first place in his class. 
Picking up the slack in the 220s was Cade Fant, a recent addition to Strength of Atlanta, who totaled 1,130 pounds and finished fifth in that weight class. 
Zee Barfoot competed for the first time this season and annihilated the competition with a 1,245-pound total and a first place finish in the 198-pound weight class. 
In the 181-pound weight class, Clayton Mosely impressed the crowd with a 500-pound squat on his way to 1,250 total pounds and a third place finish. 
The most astonishing performance of the day was authored by Jacob Nash. 
He began by squatting 500 pounds, continued on to bench press 280 pounds and concluded by deadlifting an amazing 500 pounds. 
He improved on his overall lead in the region with his 1,280-pound total.
Other impressive performances were turned in by Conner Samples, Jordan Prignit, Jordan Alvarez, and Cody Maxie. Each of these young men set personal bests in all three disciplines in Lone Oak. 
Strength of Atlanta will resume competition on Thursday, Feb. 15, in Redwater. 
There, they will seek to win the Redwater Invitational Powerlifting Meet at the Redwater Junior High Gymnasium where lifting will begin at 4:00 p.m. 
The following Saturday, Feb. 17, Strength of Atlanta will compete at the Maud Invitational where lifting will begin at 8:30 a.m.

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