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Rabbit JV White team beats Texas High again

The Atlanta JV White football team traveled to Texarkana last Thursday to have a rematch with the 5A Texas High Tigers in their final contest of the season. 
This would be a heated battle as the Rabbits defeated Texas High in the first game 28-6. The Tigers made it known that they were out for revenge. 

First Quarter

Atlanta received the opening kickoff and went to work on the 40-yard line. Big gains by Cody Maxie and Andre Haskins kept the ball moving to the 20, but after a penalty set up a fourth and long the Rabbits were stopped just short of a first down. 
The Tigers ran their offensive unit onto the field and picked up a nice gain on the first play from scrimmage, but that was all they were able to do. 
On second down, Zachariah Jefferson and Lakecion Richardson blitzed and both got to the quarterback bringing him down on a sack. On third Down Cody Maxie jumped over a receiver deep downfield to break up the Tigers pass attempt. 
Texas High decided to attempt the fourth down conversion and launched another pass downfield, but Jaquan Robinson was there to break up the pass and get the Tiger offense off of the field.
The Texas High defense responded and got the ball back as the first quarter ended.

Second Quarter

The second quarter began with a score of 0-0 and the Rabbit defense taking the field. On the first play from scrimmage, the Tiger running back carries the ball to the outside but is met by linebacker D’Anthony Burt who brings him down for a loss. 
On second down, Alex Shelton and Cody Maxie make a stop on a screen pass for only a 2-yard gain. On third down the Tigers once again try a deep pass that is broken up by a swarm of Atlanta defensive backs, forcing a punt. 
The Rabbit offensive unit is stopped for a loss on first down, but on second down quarterback Justin Pierce completes a screen pass to Alex Shelton who runs 16 yards before being pushed out of bounds. A fumble that the Rabbits recover and penalty push the ball back to make it fourth and long. 
Cruz Alonzo punts downs the field and Atlanta’s defensive unit takes the field again with the score still 0-0. 
The Tigers get back in the heavy offensive set, loading up the backfield to their right, and hand the ball to the running back with 2 lead blockers. Linebacker Zachariah Jefferson attacks the first blocker, putting him on the ground and sprints to the edge stopping the play for a loss. 
An incomplete pass brings up a third down. 
The Tigers attempt another deep pass and are unsuccessful when Alex Shelton jumps up over the receiver to bring down the interception. 
Justin Pierce hooks up with Jakarrian Wafer for a 37-yard pass for a first down as the Rabbit offense gets rolling again. 
After several hard runs by Andre Haskins, Pierce hands off to Cody Maxie who runs six yards into the endzone for the first score of the game. The score stood at 6-0 after the missed PAT.
Cruz Alonzo kicks off for the Rabbs and D’Anthony Burt gets to the returner before he can take a step giving the Tigers inconvenient field position. 
Ryan Kennedy sacks the quarterback on the first play and Cody Maxie follows with an interception to give the Rabbits back the ball. However, a fumble gives the Tigers back the ball on the very next play. 
This did not phase Atlanta. On second down, D’Anthony Burt brings down the quarterback in the endzone for a safety bringing the score to 8-0. 
After a short kickoff and time running out, Pierce heaves a 32-yard pass to Cody Maxie for the touchdown as the first half ends. The Rabbits successfully convert the 2-point conversion when under pressure, Pierce scrambles and throws a pass to the back corner of the endzone as he is hit by several defenders. Alex Shelton makes the remarkable catch by leaving his feet and fully extending his body to bring in the reception. The halftime score: Atlanta 16 - Texas High 0.

Third Quarter

Atlanta kicked off to start the second half. D’Anthony Burt flew down the field and delivered a hit to the returner forcing a fumble that Ryan Kennedy recovered, giving the Rabbits back the ball. 
A few plays later, running back Andre Haskins runs 10 yards into the endzone for the third score of the game. The Rabbit defense kept the Tigers out of the endzone on their next drive. 
They forced a punt after Corlin Cook flew into the backfield two plays in a row to make stops, then Thomas Steward made a tackle at the line of scrimmage on third down. 
The Rabbit offense took the field as time ran out of the third quarter with the score 22-0.
Fourth Quarter

The fourth and final quarter began with Rabbit offensive beginning their final drive of the night. Haskins, Pierce and Burt all picked up first downs, but after a few stops by the Tigers and a penalty they were looking at a fourth and long. 
They decide to go for it on fourth down and are successful when Andre Haskins runs 38 yards before being brought down. Justin Pierce shuffles, reading the defensive end, as running back Andre Haskins crosses in front of him. 
He sees the defender bite on the handoff, so Pierce pulls the ball and carries it to the 8-yard line.  
On the very next play, he throws an 8-yard TD pass to Lakecion Richardson making the score 28-0. 
The Rabbits kickoff and make one last defensive stand. 
Jay Smith and Jaylen Polk come together to make a stop up the middle on first down. Ashton Vaughn, Ryan Kennedy and Jayden Wells combine for another stop on second down. 
With time running out, the Tiger’s Quarterback scrambles to find an open receiver, but is brought down for a sack by D’Anthony Burt and Lakecion Richardson. Texas High lets the clock run out and game ends with a final score of 28-0.
“These young men have had a fantastic season. Each and every one of these athletes have improved since the beginning of the season,” Coach Nick Miller said. “Their team unity, effort and attitudes have been absolutely great. They took pride in their team and we as a staff are very proud of them.”

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