• Daniel Keene
  • Tyler Adcock
  • Ethan Hollis
  • Terunte Neal
  • Bradley Norton

Queen City players take home All-District honors

After New Diana’s recent loss in the state playoffs the 3A-Division II All-District results for District 7 were released.

Queen City senior Daniel Keene took home First Team Offensive honors while seniors Ethan Hollis and Bradley Norton took home First Team Defensive honors.

Freshman Terunte Neal and senior Tyler Adcock took home Second Team Defensive honors.

Offensive Honorable Mention honors went to: sophomore Christian Fitzgerald, juniors Isaiah Stiger and Kody Nichols and seniors Dylan Savage and Copeland Keener.

Defensive Honorable Mention honors went to: seniors Austin Lowe, Nate Burden and Jadarius Barber.

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