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QCHS Cheerleaders set sights on state title

Cheerleading is an important part of riling fans up to encourage the football players to do their absolute best and feel the support of their community. However, the sport of cheerleading does not stop after the boys are done for the season. The girls of the Queen City High School cheer team have their sights set on the State UIL Game Day Cheer competition in Ft Worth, Texas, on January 11, 2018. 
Krystl Dawn, one of the team’s coaches, made the comment that this is the Queen City High School cheer team’s first visit to a competitive environment. While many other teams may have been to this competition and gotten used to the atmosphere, Dawn expresses her confidence in her team’s ability and excitement to learn all they can from this competition. As well as getting in that initial experience under their belts for, hopefully, numerous returns. 
“Our girls have spent numerous hours getting ready for this event,” Dawn said. “They are looking forward to the experience of competing against other 3A schools.”
The State UIL competition consists of a preliminary round and a finals round. In the preliminary round, more than seventy teams will perform three separate cheers, and will be scored on those performances. From those scores only twenty teams will advance to finals, where they will perform again with slight changes in order to better their scores. The three cheers the teams perform are a Band Dance, Cheer, and their school’s Fight Song. The Band Dance consists of marching band music or a drum cadence performance that teams will perform to in order to encourage crowd responses and interactions. During the Cheer, the teams will showcase their best sideline and crowd-leading material that they would normally perform on game day. 
This performance typically includes an announcer to enhance that game day simulation for both the teams and the crowd. The Fight Song performance is a recording of their school’s fight song, to which the teams will perform their usual routine as they would for a pep rally or the beginning of a football game.
“The girls understand the level of competition that will be at this event,” Dawn comments. “The dedication and determination that the girls have is at an all time high as they look forward to this competition.”
The current Queen City High School team includes the following girls: Kassidy Pickney, Maddi Parker, Haley Oas, Angel Blalock, Gabbi Schwartz, Lexi Lyle, Gracie Weeks, Lexee Whately, Tarra Duck, Macey Belote, Zoe Ebarb, Hannah Fitts, Jayley Stringer, Julia Grogan, Helena Green, Whitli Fincher, and Hannah Breach. The team will be lead by their two co-captains, Emily Maxwell and Alyssa Clements. The team’s coaches are Krystl Dawn and Kyli Caver. The team would like to give their thanks to their many supporters and their sponsors, Pioneer Welding & Millwright Service, Inc., Quick Lube, and Soapy Sam’s. 

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