L-K junior high track teams contend at district meet

From Staff Reports
Linden-Kildare’s junior high track program competed at the district meet recently.
7th Grade Boys
Jackson Lee placed fourth in the shot put; Jay Birmingham placed second in the high jump, fourth in the 100 meter and third in the 200 meter; Edwin Padilla placed third in both the 2400 and the 1200 meter races; P.J. Washington placed fourth in the triple jump; Chase Haley placed third in the 110 hurdles; and the mile relay team of Chase Haley, Trevarious Patterson, P.J. Washington and Jay Birmingham placed fourth.
8th Grade Boys
Landon Liles placed third in shot put; Hunter Camarilla placed fourth in triple jump; Karson Bynum placed second in the 100 meter, and third the 400 meter; Colton Anderson placed fourth in the 100 meter; Justin Dunlap placed fifth in the 200-meter run; the 800-meter relay team of Chase Bynum, Colton Anderson, Hunter Camarilla, and Justin Dunlap placed fourth; and the mile relay team Jamarion Gardner, Chris Palmer, Justin Dunlap, and Karson Bynum of placed fifth.
7th Grade Girls
Maddy Ebarb - Discus-first, Shot-fifth, 100m-fourth, 2nd-4x4 relay; Allie Smallwood- long jump-fifth; Sydney Hampton- 100m-sixth, second-4x4 relay; Macey Schanfish-800m run-first, 400m-fifth; Kaitlyn Small- 800m run-third, second-4x4 relay; Stormy Haley- 800m run-fifth, second-4x4 relay and
Camdyn McNutt-District Competitor-Honorable Mention.
8th Grade Girls
Isabella Lockhart- long jump-sixth, triple jump-fifth, third- 4x1 relay, 4x2 relay, second- 4x4 relay; Kayden Wells-high jump-first, third-4x1 relay, second- 4x4 relay, 300m hurdles-second; Gracey Bryant- 100m hurdles-fifth, 300m hurdles-sixth, 100m run-fifth; Cambree Kerr- 100m hurdles-fourth, third-4x2 relay, second- 4x4 relay; Angelyna Meggs- 800m run-second, third-4x2 relay, second-4x4 relay; Shunterrica Patterson- third- 4x1 relay and Amaya Neal- third-4x1 relay, thirrd-4x2 relay.
District competitors who also contributed: Jayden Fritz, Riley Peyton, Gracelynn Shotwell, Gabriella Mosley, Nancy Pena and Adriunna Walton.

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