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Atlanta’s JV White teams defeats Texas High’s JV

The Atlanta JV White football teamed traveled to Texarkana last Thursday to face the Texas High Tigers JV in a gridiron battle.
The 5A school outnumbers Atlanta by more than 1300 students, and their JV roster was much larger as well. This didn’t slow down the Rabbs, as they came home with the 28-6 win.
The Tigers won the toss and deferred. 
A tricky kick started the Rabbits with unfortunate field position, but that quickly changed. 
Atlanta’s offense used high tempo to keep the Tigers off balance defensively. Andre Haskins took four handoffs in a row, averaging over 13 yards per carry; one for 38. 
On his fifth time to touch the ball, Haskins ran eight yards into the endzone for the first score of the game. The Rabbs went for two and were successful when Justin Pierce hit Lakecion Richardson on a bootleg pass, bringing the score to 8-0. 
Cruz Alonzo kicked off and Thomas Steward ran down the ball carrier on the 35. Texas High’s quarterback caught the snap on the first down and ran to his right on a quarterback sweep, then was violently met by outside linebacker Zachariah Jefferson who forced a fumble. 
Corlin Cook, who was gaining ground on the QB, scooped up the fumble and took it down to the 10-yard line. 
On the very next play, Justin Pierce dropped back and hit Lakecion Richardson once again, but this time for a touchdown bringing the score 14-0 to end the first quarter.
Alonzo kicked off again for Atlanta and the Rabbit defense took the field after Hudson Hale forced the returner out of bounds. 
Ryan Kennedy and Jalen Polk made a stop for the Rabbits for a short gain and on second down D’Anthony Burt made a stellar read and big hit on the Tiger’s tailback for a 3-yard loss. 
On third down, Texas’s High’s quarterback dropped back to pass and launched a deep ball. The defensive backfield of Atlanta reads the play and applies great coverage to the receivers, but tangled feet result in a Tiger touchdown. 
Texas High attempts the 2-point conversion, but is stopped just short of the endzone when Alex Shelton comes down and knocks the ball carrier out of bounds. The score is now 14-6. 
A deep kick, along with an uncommon bounce results in the ball rolling into the endzone. Cody Maxie picks up the ball and somehow finds a way to weave in and out of Tiger traffic and get the ball all the way to the 50-yard line. 
A few hard runs by Haskins and Pierce move the ball to the 38-yard line. As time is running out in the first half, Pierce hands off to Haskins who then pitches the ball to Maxie on a reverse who runs all the way to the endzone for the touchdown. Haskins runs in the 2-point conversion, bringing the score to 22-6 to end the half.
Alonzo kicks off for the Rabbits to start the second half and Ryan Kennedy makes the tackle on the 33-yard line. In this series Jaquan Robinson had a big pass break up and Zachariah Jefferson sacked the quarterback for a 6-yard loss. 
Burt, Steward and Jaden Wells swarm to the ball carrier for another stop on third down. The Tigers go for it on fourth down and the quarterback begins to scramble when all receivers are covered. 
He doesn’t go far before he is hit from both sides by Zachariah Jefferson and Alex Shelton. 
The Rabbit offense takes the field and battles with the Tiger defense as the third quarter winds down. The Rabbits are stopped just short of a first down when they decide to go for it.
Atlanta’s defense sprints onto the field to begin the fourth quarter. 
Lakecion Richardson gets his chance on defense and makes his presence known when he meets the ball carrier as he takes the handoff for a 4-yard loss. 
The Tigers’ tailback almost gets loose on second down, but is run down by a swarm of Rabbits including Thomas Steward, Ashton Vaughn and Corlin Cook.  
Kameron George breaks up a pass on third down and the Tigers punt back to the Rabbits on fourth down. Cody Maxie takes the handoff on the first and second play, carrying the ball for 30 yards and then 27 yards. 
Justin Pierce then fakes a handoff and carries the ball 16 yards inside the 5-yard line. 
The Rabbits score their fourth touchdown of the night when Kameron George takes the handoff and runs around the edge of the defense for a 4-yard touchdown bringing the score to 28-6. 
Cruz Alonzo kicks off one final time for the night. Ryan Kennedy, Thomas Steward and Cody Maxie all three stop the Tigers for losses. 
As the clock winds down, the Tigers have a chance to run one last play. The Tiger’s quarterback drops back to pass and sees pressure from Zachariah Jefferson, so he turns to his left where he is met by D’Anthony Burt who ends the game with a sack.

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