• Kayla Mills speaks to participants of the 5k before the race as Ali looks on. Mills told how she wanted to create the 5k for her best friend and thanked all who helped organize it.

A Ray of Hope

Locals run 5k benefiting Ali Puckett

She has been described as a “Ray of Sunshine”. Now she is beaming rays of hope. 
On March 25, the Ray of Hope 5k benefiting Ali Puckett was held in order to help with the costs pertaining to her cancer diagnosis.
In Sept. 2017, Puckett was diagnosed with Stage Four Metastatic Adenocarcinoma with the colon the primary area though it had moved to the liver. This diagnosis came three days after giving birth to her second child.
After expense in seeking treatment in the United States, Puckett and her husband made arrangements to get treatment overseas in Spain. Puckett came home.
“My Husband and I were fully assured in our faith that the Lord desired us to go to Spain for a more natural treatment with Dr. Raymond Hilu,” Ali said in a Facebook update about her condition.
“We spent two weeks doing treatments: detox, ozone-therapy, full body and local hyperthermia therapy, ion transfer, Papimi therapy and so much more. They immediately made me physically feel better, as I was feeling better and moving better than I had since the diagnosis. Feeling renewed and restored I came home with a strict supplement and diet to follow, after two weeks of that, I started just not feeling right and seemed to take a sudden turn for the worse,” she added.
Ali and her husband had found that her cancer had spread, but she has not given up hope. 
Her friends and family surrounded her during the Ray of Hope 5k. 
“She really is the sweetest person. Good and kind and you couldn’t ask to be around anyone better than her,” said Jodie Price who was attending the 5k race with some of her family. 
“We’re excited about the turnout for our Ray of Hope 5k. We could definitely feel the love and fellowship from our small community, and we wholeheartedly appreciate every single person who participated. We were able to raise $3,519 for Ali and her family!” said Kayla Mills, who is a close friend of Ali’s and helped to organize the 5k in Ali’s honor.
“I may not understand the wisdom of God behind this storm and may never be able to comprehend why God chose me. But I do know this, Jesus Christ is sovereign, on the throne, in control, and ALL things are under his subjection and authority. Jesus will never leave me or forsake me, and He is alive inside of me every moment,” said Ali.
The next event benefiting Puckett will be a Benefit Pageant. For information regarding the pageant, contact Ashley McKinnie at Ash0274@gmail.com

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