Old Linden Firehouse photo search underway

The Linden Heritage Foundation (LHF) is offering a cash reward of up to $750 to anyone who might have historic photos of the old Linden Firehouse.
“Even a photo with a small glimpse of this building could make all the difference,” said Linden Heritage Foundation Vice President of Preservation and Education Sue Lazara. 
All of the key pieces are in place to begin restoration, with the exception of a historical photograph. 
Specifically, the LHF really would like any photo of the firehouse from 1930-1960. 
The old Linden Firehouse was built in 1939 and was used until 1961 when the current Linden Volunteer Fire Station was finished. 
The LHF has been working to preserve and restore the old Linden Firehouse, which stands next to the base of the old water tower. 
In the last year the LHF was able to have the firehouse recognized by Preservation Texas on the 2016 Texas Most Endangered Places list. LHF also succeeded in establishing the building’s eligibility to be listed on the National Register of Historical Places, but to finalize they need a historic photo.
After the LHF obtained the property they were able to secure four grants totaling $25,000 for professional architectural services. 
LHF secured the grants from Texas Preservation Trust Fund, Texas Historical Foundation and National Trust’s Hart Family Fund for Small Towns. 
“Please take time to look through any photos you have and we will even come look through the photos if necessary -- we will not keep the original photo, we will just make a copy of it,” said Lazara. 
The plan for the firehouse once it is restored is for it to be a leasable building in the Linden Main Street area. 
“We are hoping this reward will motivate, but it’s not about the money, it is about Linden and the community,” said Lazara. 
You can contact the LHF by email at contactus@lindenheritage.org or call Joe B. Lovelace at 512-799-6294 or Sue Lazara at 903-490-6821.

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