O’Rand charged with possession of controlled substance

Former Cass County Clerk Jamie O’Rand has been charged with endangering a child and possession of a controlled substance after police searched her residence. 
Criminal Investigator Cody Sartor ordered a search warrant for the former Cass County Clerk due to his investigation of the possibility of O’Rand possessing a doctor’s notepad or digital copy of one. This was due to O’Rand having been recently charged with seven counts of forgery of doctor’s excuses. 
After obtaining said search warrant, it was then executed by officers of the Linden Police Department.
When officers arrived at the residence, they were greeted by O’Rand’s 18-year-old daughter, Morgan Stone. Officers asked if Stone’s father was home. Stone responded that he was not and offered to call him. Officers then spoke with Randal Stone over the phone.
 According to the Warrant of Arrest documents, he [Stone] advised officers that he was on parole and was at his ordered drug offender course in Texarkana. Mr. Stone was then advised of why officers were present and asked if he knew where any of the items they were searching for would be located. He then told officers he had no knowledge of any of the items in question. At that time, officers began their search of the residence.
When officers searched the residence, they seized numerous electronic devices capable of creating, storing or transmitting digital doctor’s notes. Officers also located drugs and drug paraphernalia that were not concealed and easily accessible by any person in the home. The items found were one water pipe, one pink straw cut at an angle; two opened vials of what appeared to be anabolic steroids; a handheld butane torch; and a vinyl lipstick holder which contained one methamphetamine pipe containing methamphetamine residue; and seven plastic zip-loc style baggies contacting residue; as well as, small crystalline fragments which appeared to be methamphetamine. 
As the search of the residence continued, more electronic devices were located and seized. Officers also located a “sharps container” which contained 25 intramuscular syringes which according to court documents, were believed to be used in connection with the anabolic steroids that were found as well.
During the search of the residence, O’Rand’s minor child returned home from a school function. It was then determined that the 14 year old resided within the home as well.
After the completion of the search warrant, officers then went to the jail to interview O’Rand, who was incarcerated at the time of the Forgery Charges. O’Rand was then read her Miranda Warning and waived it. O’Rand confessed to the fraudulent creation of doctor’s notes on her computer though she denied ever having possession of an actual doctor’s notepad. During the interview, officers showed her photographs of the paraphernalia, which was located during the search warrant. O’Rand then terminated the interview and requested an attorney.
On Nov. 21, Chief Investigator Cody Sartor was contact by Randal Stone. Sartor advised Stone that he would like to speak to him about some of the items located in the search warrant. Stone agreed and was advised that the interview was consensual.
During the course of that interview, Stone told Sartor that he was being drug tested approximately every two weeks as a term of his parole and that the drugs and drug paraphernalia found within the home did not belong to him.  
According to the Warrant of Arrest, Stone said he found the paraphernalia in the home weeks prior and advised O’Rand to destroy it. He also stated that on a few occasions he had located drug paraphernalia and drugs hidden in areas around the home and that prior to his prison term, he and O’Rand used methamphetamines recreationally, though he denied seeing O’Rand using any drugs recently.

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