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    Brooklinn Beers was the sixth grade science champion.

M.U.M.S. Math and Science Team places third in state

The Morris Upchurch Middle School Math and Science Team competed at the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association State Championship meet on Saturday, Apr. 21, in San Antonio.  
The team competed against 17 other 3A schools that qualified to compete at the state level.  
The Queen City number sense team brought home the third place team trophy.  
The science and mathematics teams both won the fourth place team trophy while the calculator team earned the fifth place team trophy. 
When the four events were totaled, Queen City finished in third place overall in the 3A division.  
The M.U.M.S. team consisted of 26 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students, which brought home 18 individual trophies for placing in the top 10 in an event, and 13 medals for placing in the top 20 in an event. 

Individual results were as follows:

8th Grade: Seth Alexander – 3rd place Number Sense
Carson Dillinger – 19th place Number Sense, 9th place General Math, Science participant
Parker Johnson- 20th place Number Sense
Connor McGee- 8th place Number Sense, 18th place General Math
Aden Norton – 11th place Number Sense
Annika Philippi – 9th place Science
Colton Scoggins – 11th place Science
Chyna Stiger – Calculator participant
Halle Worthington – 10th place Number Sense

7th Grade: Garrett Christensen – 8th place Science
Ebie Dotson – 19th place Calculator
Olivia Huckabee – 4th place General Math, 5th place Number Sense, 20th place Science
Faith Mahon – 7th place Science
Chauncett Miles – 11th place Calculator
Clare Wong – 2nd place Calculator, 5th place General Math, 6th place Number Sense

6th Grade: Brooklinn Beers – 1st place Science
Payton Boone – Number Sense participant
Lathan Chamblee – 10th place Science
Aidan Hamilton – 9th place Number Sense; General Math participant
Zach Henry – 5th place Number Sense, 10th place General Math
LaJavion Martin – 14th place Number Sense
Luke Moore – 12th place Science
Mallori Stringer – 13th place Number Sense, General Math participant
Sam Weeks – 4th place Calculator
Micah Whittington – 18th place General Math, 20th place Science, Number Sense participant
Clint Wiley – Calculator participant

The M.U.M.S. math and science team is coached by Kendra Bates, Celeste Dellinger and Becky Russell.

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