• Kaiden Fahrney had his cut for his 2nd hair donation by Emily McCourt. McCourt is a certified Barber at the Cutting Company in Atlanta

Local fifth grader donates hair for cause

Kaiden Fahrney is like any other average fifth grader. He enjoys playing outside, and rescuing animals. But a snake bite in 2016 has made him extraordinary.
“I reached in and I thought it was a bird egg and they were weren’t there. I didn’t even know it hurt.”
A copperhead had bit him while he was playing. Medical professionals had to treat him with 14 viles of anti-venom. This resulted in an 11 day stay at Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. 
While Fahrney was there, he noticed other children in the hospital with no hair. Children’s Hospital has a program that provides wigs to cancer patients and Kaiden was inspired to make the big cut the first time. 
On February 15th, He decided to donate his hair for a second time. He was being picked on for having long hair. 
Other children were calling him names due to the length of his hair.
“Kids were calling him ‘transgender’ and kids shouldn’t even know what that means said mom Tabitha Fahrney.
“I was tired of being called a girl. I don’t grow my hair to be picked on, I grow it so that other kids can have hair.” said Kaiden.

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