Linden-Kildare CISD reports good scores from TEA ratings

Linden-Kildare had a public meeting on the School First Financial Accountability Rating System and the school report card for the 2016-2017. 
“This is the financial integrity system rating by the state of Texas or FIRST, we needed a 60 to pass and we scored a 100,” said Linden-Kildare Superintendent Keri Winters. 
Superintendent Winters also spoke about the 2016-2017 school report card. 
“This is the TEA school report card for the 16-17 school year, it compares our scores, data and statistics such as financial, economics, attendance, ethnicity and mobility to other campus groups our size and to the state,” said Winters. 
First she spoke about the scores of the elementary campus.
“All three campuses met standard and looking at the elementary there are four indexes we are scored on and the first is student achievement and the target is a 60 and they scored a 76, the second index is progress the target is 32 they scored a 35, the third index is closing the performance gaps the target is 28 and we scored a 44 and then post-secondary readiness the target score is 12 and we scored a 33, so we did well,” said Winters. 
Winters spoke about the junior high next. 
“It was scored on the same four indexes, student achievement target score is a 60 we scored a 77, student progress target score is 30 we scored a 34, closing the performance game target score is 26 we scored a 36 and post-secondary readiness target score is 13 and we scored a 34,” said Winters. 
“There are such things as distinction designations that can be achieved and those are based on the campus groups, there are 40 schools in the state they say are comparative to size and ethnicity, we got the post-secondary readiness distinction for the junior high,” said Winters. 
She reported the scores and distinctions of the high school as well. 
“Same four indexes, student achievement target score is 60 and we scored an 82, student progress target score is a 17 and we scored 29, closing performance gaps target score is 30 we scored a 39 and post-secondary readiness target score is 60 and we scored an 81,” said Winters. 
“I am proud to say that the high school got 5 out of the 7 distinctions available, so the high school did really well,” said Winters. 
The board also voted to adopt and put a School Marshall Program in place. 
School Marshals are school employees whose identities are kept confidential who have special training who can exercise the same authority as peace officers. 
“We have been talking about this for a couple of months, I sent a poll out to all staff members when we got back from break and I explained what the program was and invited question, I got nothing but positive feedback from staff member, I didn’t get even one concern,” said Winters. 
The school marshal may carry a handgun on campus but if the school marshal’s primary duty involves regular contact with students they may not carry the weapon. 
They must keep it in locked and secured safe within reach. 
School Marshal’s can make arrest and are subject to regulations adopted by the school board. 
They may act only necessary to prevent an offense that threatens serious harm or death the people on the school premises. 

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