L-K CISD approves purchase of maintenance truck

The newly elected Linden-Kildare CISD trustees were sworn in by Judge Donald Dowd before the monthly meeting of the school board on Nov. 27. 
After the election of trustees they must re-elect the board chairman by deciding the positions of president, vice president and secretary. 
The positions did not change from the previous year which is Kay Stephens serving as president, Curtis Harrison Jr. serving as vice president and Tammy Palmer serving as secretary.
The school board approved the purchase of a truck for the maintenance crew after the discussion of size of the vehicle and tool boxes.
This decision will be left up to Superintendent Keri Winters and Maintenance Supervisor Wayne Kerr to decide what truck to purchase.
The truck may cost district up to $25,000 but the estimated cost of repairing the broken vehicle is $13,000.
“The diesel truck will cost about $13,000 to repair and that truck has been in the shop more than it has been in service,” said Superintendent Keri Winters. 
“Our guys very seldom work together on the same project so they each have their own vehicle and set of tools, right now two of them are having to share a truck and they are having to drop off tools and they end up stuck without something they need,” said Superintendent Winters.
Preston Caver from Caver and Setser Inc. presented the audit of the school district which was a ‘clean’ audit. 
“You had good internal controls and you had good compliance through the audit year and you have had that for several years, now with that being said you lost two key people and you have two new people in the position, you have a new superintendent and business manager,” said Caver. 
There was only one minor finding in the audit. 
“There was only one finding and that was the bank didn’t adequately secure all of your deposits and it has nothing to do with the way the school is run, the bank was notified and we see that sometimes banks drag their feet calling a third party bank to pledge more security,” said Caver. 

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