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    Photo by Sam Higdon - Workers with the company Texas Cemetery Restoration LLC marked the discovered grave sites after analyzing the scan results.

Historic cemetery scanned with radar

Forty unmarked graves discovered

The historic cemetery located behind the Linden Cemetery was scanned with radar to locate the unmarked graves. 
Forty graves were located and have been marked with a stainless steel disc that is held in place with a steel stake. 
The scan of the cemetery was paid for by anonymous donors. 
“It is in the plan to put some type of headstone on each one – we really haven’t decided what type – we had thought about crosses but they could be vandalized easily – now we are talking about doing headstones like they have at the Arlington Cemetery,” said Sam Higdon. 
Sam Higdon has been an integral part of cleaning up the cemetery, along with many other volunteers such as Mason Barrett and Dr. Bruce LeGrow. 
“We plan to keep it clean and fill in the graves that we have discovered that have sunken in and then start getting the ground level – then get grass growing where in the future it can be mowed,” said Higdon. 
Randy Grubbs a local surveyor did a survey of the cemetery property and donated his time spent on the survey. 
“We have got the survey done and we know where two boundaries are so we will be installing a new chain link fence,” said Higdon. 
“In the back there is a large tree with a bench underneath it, and somewhere along there to where the street is we will put a walkway, and on that walkway we will have two, eight foot columns that will be three feet in diameter made out of iron ore stone that will have a capstone across them,” said Higdon. 
The group of volunteers are working on having the cemetery officially designated as a historic cemetery. 
The company that scanned the cemetery, Texas Cemetery Restoration LLC, and placed the markers will be putting together the results of the scan in book form. 
“The scan results will be in 2D and 3D and when we get the results we will make it available to the public maybe at the Reeder-Davis Funeral Home,” said Higdon. 
“Mason Barrett has a list of the people who have been buried there and we know that from the funeral home records but as far as the forty unmarked graves we found we don’t know specifically who is buried there,” said Higdon. 
The volunteers have not only been working on the historic part of the cemetery but the Linden Cemetery as a whole. 
“We don’t want people to think that this only work we are doing – we are doing work to improve the whole Linden Cemetery – they have been doing a great job of maintaining it but in the future we have talked about having a sliding electric gate in the future to be able to close it at sundown and open it at sunrise,” said Higdon. 

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