Haley sets aim on State Archery competition

Linden-Kildare for the first time will be represented by Shelby Haley at the State Archery competition on March 20. 
Out of the juniors who shot she is rated in the state she is 12th in state and out of all the high school students who participated in archery she is rated 78th out of 1300. 
Haley just began shooting a genesis bow this year and practices about an hour and a half every day. 
“I am very excited and very nervous about going to state,” said Haley. 
In archery that have to use a genesis bow and it has no sites attached to it and all the students have to use the same bow to insure a fair completion. 
At the competitions the archers shoot at two distances at ten meter and fifteen meters. 
Haley is also entered in the 3-D competition at state which is where the targets are different animals made of foam that are three dimensional. 
“What has really drove me is the drive to win, it is what I love doing and I want win and I want to be the best and I don’t want anyone stopping me,” said Haley. 
Archery Coach and Agriculture teacher Wayne Shew explained some aspects of the competition and what Haley has accomplished. 
“They have to use NASP (National Archery School Program) approved arrows that are all the same length so they are all on the same playing field, if you didn’t do that there would be kids out there with 500 dollar bows versus a kid with a hundred dollar bow,” said Shew. 
Shew explained how it takes patience and discipline. 
“You teach proper stance, you teach draw, release, aim and dominant eye, there is more to it than just going out and shooting an arrow at a target, all the commands are done by whistles that way there is no talking on the line,” said Shew. 
“We went to a state qualifier meet at Miller Grove and she shot overall better than anyone at that meet and this was boys and girls and she won the gold buckle,” said Shew. 
At the state qualifier her archery score was 271 out of 300. 
Haley has a chance at being awarded scholarships if she is able to get in the top five archers at state. 

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