• Class of 1960 - Helen Cooper, Ennistine Northcutt Clark, H.C. Jones, Effie Boins, Morris Edmond.

Fairview Reunion celebration weekend

The Fairview Reunion was a jam-packed weekend of food, fun, and fellowship. Former students, and staff, as well as their families, joined together to not only remember, but also educate the younger generations of life at that time. 
The reunion was a three day event, starting with a business meeting on Friday, a picnic social, banquet, and dance on Saturday, with a finale of praise and worship at the Salem Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday. 
At the business meeting, the new officers of the Fairview Reunion Corporation for the 2019-2021years were announced and recognized.
They are, as follows: President, Flo Stevenson, 1st VP, Frances Thompson, 2nd VP, Elaine Sams, Secretary, Vada Mack, Asst. Secretary, Linda Allen, Treasurer, Linda Edwards, Financial Secretary Malthus Northcutt, Historian, Horace Hodge. Many attendees travelled from as far away as California. 
The Fairview School was a one-room school, with one teacher for first through fourth grades, and another teacher for fifth through eighth. 
One educator, M.J. Barrett, who served dually, as principal and teacher, was fondly remembered by students. 
Several people swapped stories of learning everything from shapes, memorization of cities and states, to mathematical and science techniques using a pickle jar and marbles. 
Barrett kept the interest of the students and it was agreed that he was “ahead of his time.” H.C. Jones stated, “he was more than a teacher, he was a mentor, and in ways a father, it is because of him that I excelled.” 
Another student, Ennistine Northcutt Clark recalled how she was told to, “get off to yourself and do your studies,” which is a practice she still does to this day, and advice she passed down to her own students. 
Many smiles and hugs were on the menu on the day of the picnic, besides the food being catered by Catfish Express. 
Long-time friends squealed with sheer delight and happiness, many shedding tears of joy. After lunch, many played dominoes and cards, remembering fond memories, while making new ones. 
Dr. Kathleen E. Sharp was the keynote speaker at the dinner, and provided excellent insight to defining success, and how to accomplish this by walking in your purpose. Her four fundamental principles to success are determination, service, self-care, and perseverance. She stated, “Many people may believe that determination and perseverance are the same, however, determination is the idea and perseverance is the action behind it.” According to Dr. Sharp, “Success is how many people you positively impact throughout your life.”
The Fairview Reunion Corporation desires to create a positive impact on the future generations and the Fairview Reunion Corporation gives out multiple scholarships, thus providing a personal commitment to the community connection and the importance of education. 
Being honored at the banquet were scholarship recipients, Mikhaila Ward and Xaley Woolfolk. Finishing up the Reunion at Salem Missionary Baptist Church, the member and their families worshipped and gave God the praise, for their past, present and future. 

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