• New Queen City High School Principal Mike Dillinger.

Dillinger aims to continue QCHS success story

Queen City High School’s new principal is a familiar face -- and the school, along with its students and faculty, are equally familiar to Mike Dillinger as he begins his first year at the helm.
“For the past three years, I was the assistant here,” said Dillinger, who’s also held administrative posts at Linden-Kildare High School, as well as schools in Atlanta and Texarkana. He also taught math, something he enjoyed.
Dillinger is a native of northeast Texas, having grown up in Atlanta and graduated from Atlanta High School, and he has family throughout the area.
“I’ve got roots around here,” he said. “I love this place.”
And he’s excited about the possibilities at QCHS. “I’ve got good kids, I’ve got good people to work with,” Dillinger said. “If you’ve got those two things, it’s a recipe for success.”
“A couple of years ago when I came over here, I had some people say, ‘Hey, how are you liking it?’ I said ‘It’s going good, I like it a lot.’ And after a few weeks, I was like, ‘I found home -- I don’t need to go anywhere else.’ I want to stay here and have a long career here.”
He said he’s looking to continue the history of success at the high school.
“We’ve had a lot of good things going on for a long time,” he said. “Our instruction is super strong … We offer a wide variety of curriculum.”
“It’s continuing the good structure and the good processes that we’ve had. There are some tweaks … but they’re minor” …
“We’ve had a tradition of excellence academically, and we want to continue that.”
Dillinger and his wife Karen are approaching their one-year anniversary, he said. He has two sons, Carson and Jackson, who attend Morris Upchurch Middle School.
Dillinger is replacing former principal Carla Dupree, who’s taken a job at Texas High School.

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