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Council begins bidding process for replacement sewer pumps

By Ben Woods

The Linden City Council last week voted to begin the bidding process on replacement of sewer pumps at the Beech Creek Sewer Treatment Plant, and to use money from the capital fund to pay for the project.
City Administrator Bob Swisher proposed replacing sewer pumps Beech Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant and suggested the city vote to begin the bidding process. 
Swisher recommended that the city take money from the capital fund and then make payments back into the fund instead of seeking a bond.
“We would use our own money and then put our money back in essentially,” said Swisher. “We did a … walkthrough, noted these items, then called Kyron Browning with Al Franks Engineering and they point blank said it is number one with a bullet, you need to get this fixed, it is down to one pump,” said Swisher. 
Replacing the pumps at the sewer station and getting the station up to Texas water quality standards will cost the city $200,000 or more, depending on whether they go with above-ground pumps or use more modern, submersible pumps equipped with grinders. 
Kyron Browning with Al Franks Engineering told the council, “The main problem like Swisher said, is the lift station at Beech Creek, you have existing above-ground pumps and I have talked to a couple of pump companies and they have submitted two options -- one is submersible pumps and the other is going back with above-ground pumps,” said 
“So our recommendation would be for the city to bid the job and let the contractors bid on either system, or both, and then allow the city to look at the cost as well as the pros and cons.”
Swisher pointed out that most cities are going with submersible pumps, but if they choose to replace the above-ground pumps they would be able to use the existing pump station without having to rework the system. 
The sewer station pumps were installed in 1982 and would not get a good report from the TCEQ if they were to come and do an inspection, according to Swisher.
“The pumps were installed in 1982 and they are antiquated and we can’t buy parts for them to repair them,” said Swisher. 
“Our sewer permits are up for renewal and that will include inspections.
“Our fresh water system is in fairly good shape, especially with the USDA grant that we will hopefully receive soon.” 
The backup generator for the Beech Creek Sewer Station has been down for some time now and needs to be replaced. 
“Our backup power system is down -- it was old and was hit by lightning, so it has to be replaced,” said Swisher.

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