Commissioner’s Court discusses purchase of building

Cass County Commissioner’s Court discussed the purchase of the Thompson law firm building in Atlanta for Precinct 4 Constable and Justice of the Peace.
“I have been looking for a building for several years, yeah we have had other opportunities and of course we are on money but we are finally facing the building that they are in was a portable building put there temporarily and it just has become permanent, we can’t keep that old thing together anymore,” said Commissioner of Precinct 4 Darrell Godwin. 
The court discussed what it would take to bring the building up to operating standards. 
“Out of everything we went through on the building I think it will be very little because we are not looking at doing all the changes at one time, the main thing we talked about was courtroom security, I would really need to walk you through the building and show you the things we believe need to be done,” said Commissioner Godwin.
“We need to know the cost of getting it up to operation,” said Judge Wilbanks 
The court discussed the roof, electrical and the air conditioning and heating of the building as well. 
The building was originally listed for $70,000 and they are offering it to the county for $50,000.
“They have agreed to a $50,000 price they will provide you with a title policy which will cost them somewhere between $800 to $900, they will also pay for their part of the closing, which would be half of the title companies fee and any recording or anything else they would have to do as the seller of the property,” said the representing real estate agent Lee Stanley. 
The court discussed the property lines and plat, which Stanley said he did not have with him or available at this time. 
“I think moving forward we need a plat we need to know what we are buying,” said Commissioner of Precinct 3 Paul Cothren. 
Dr. Jane Kennedy spoke about the possibility of the purchase of the building for use by Precinct 4.
“I toured the facility with Mr. Godwin and Mr. Partee and the building is above the flood plain and from what I understand the other building that you were looking at was not, structurally it is good and I feel like it has plenty of parking space and I have been in the other building and it is a much better option, I also heard the price and the price does sound good, so I am for putting the constable and the precinct 4 justice of the peace there,” said Dr Kennedy. 
The Court also discussed moving the Agri-life Extension Office out of the county building on the Linden courthouse square and allowing Community Services of Northeast Texas utilize the building. 
“Community Services of Northeast Texas contacted me about using some space in the county building and during discussion with them we learned that they cannot purchase buildings but they can take care of the needs of the building,” said Judge Wilbanks. 
“So in discussion with them since we only have one office in the county building, which is the extension office, we discussed moving the extension office to another location deeding the county building to Community Services of Northeast Texas and they would have it for as long as they need it but they would upkeep it and do everything the county would be out to expense,” said Judge Wilbanks. 
“So it basically gets us out of the county building and gives it to a non-profit that is in dire need of the space,” said Judge Wilbanks.
“There are two people at the extension office and until we decide on a permanent location we could put them in the other side of the driver license office,” said Judge Wilbanks. 
The court discussed appointment of a representative of the Cass County Commissioner’s Court to serve on the Cass County Security Committee. 
“This committee is the result of the last legislative session and senate bill 42 amended the Texas government code that requires the local administrative district judge to organize a court security committee whose purpose is to adopt security policies and procedures for the courts,” said Judge Becky Wilbanks. 
Commissioner of Precinct 2 Jon Borseth volunteered to serve on the committee and there are certain members of the court that are required to be on the committee such as Judge Wilbanks. 
During court announcement Judge Becky Wilbanks spoke about the National Night out that was held at the Cass County Justice Center the previous Tuesday. 
“Tuesday we had National Night Out in our parking lot which was moved inside due to rain and lots of people in the county here helped, Amy, Jamie, Sharon but Barbara McMillan was the instigator when the City of Linden decided not to do it and she did an awesome job, so I just want to say thank you to Barbara and her staff,” said Judge Wilbanks. 

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