Citizens being sought to serve on various Atlanta city boards

City officials are asking those with an interest in serving to inquire about vacancies on a number of local and area boards and commissions.
Some of the needs have arisen in the aftermath of longtime Mayor Keith Crow passing away on July 22. Crow served in a number of local governing or advisory capacities. Other needs are ongoing.
“What we do have is a need for people who want to serve,” said City Manager David Cockrell. “We have vacancies that arise.”
In general, the city is on the look-out for people to serve on the five-person planning and zoning commission that meets when needed to consider zoning and development issues; and the Rural Business Enterprise Grant Board. “It has some qualifications attached to it,” Cockrell said, “but basically a business background.” That’s a five-member committee that issues low-interest loans for businesses.
Also, the Atlanta City Development Corporation, which has a $500,000 annual budget and focuses on projects to stimulate growth; and the Atlanta Economic Development Corporation, which also has a $500,000 budget and focuses exclusively on offering incentives and making improvements at the Atlanta Business Park.
“At any point in time if someone would like to serve, if they just express an interest to my office,” to apply for a post, Cockrell said.
“It’s a really good way to get involved, become more involved.”
The council is also appointing a mayor to fill the remainder of Crow’s term. Interested parties should contact Cockrell or Mayor Pro Tem Dean McDuff. 

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