Cass County Park is ready for campers

Cass County Park has been open since Nov.1 2017 but is trying to attract more campers. 
“We keep a clean park and we strive to keep it that way, our sites are spacious and each site has a view our beautiful lake and no other park offers you that,” said Cass County Park Manager Aderice Sinyard. 
Sinyard spoke at the Feb. 8 Cass County Commissioners workshop about the need to get the word out that they are ready for all visitors. 
“It is family oriented and we strive to keep things there for the kids, parents and everyone to do,” said Sinyard. 
She spoke about the amount of wildlife to view at the park
“It is a nature park, there are a lot of people that gets pleasure from seeing the deer,” said Sinyard. 
She spoke about the opening of the park and the lack of visitors. 
“We had a soft opening and we felt some apprehensions because we had some bad publicity in the past - But it went really well and we received some good reports,” said Sinyard. 
“Nov. the first we had our official opening and it’s been slow – people tell us that we didn’t know you were open – I don’t know what else to do, I have been on the radio, we have been in the newspapers it is on Facebook and word of mouth,” said Sinyard. 
“If you see someone tell them that we are open out here,” said Sinyard. 
 “We may not have pretty concrete or pretty rock all around our sites but we do offer much more and by the way not having that rock can be an advantage because wheel chairs do not roll well in rocks – I know because I did that with my dad,” said Sinyard. 
Sinyard spoke about the available passes that people are able to purchase for the park. 
“We have a boat pass for $30 and they can come in and launch their boat and fish from the bank for a year – we have what we call a Cass pass or car pass and they sell for $25 and it allows them to stay for seven nights at $10 a night and they do not have to use it all at one time,” said Sinyard. 
Sinyard also spoke about the need for more playground equipment and tables for the campers. 
“We have swings and a slide and I have put a tetherball out there but basically that is all we have for the kids to play with, I would like to have a mobile basketball goal, I would like to have a volleyball net for families, I would like to put some tables in the pavilion and this was brought to my attention for people and we have some really nice counters but there is no place to sit, our fish cleaning station still needs to be refurbished and once we get that done we won’t have a problem with campers cleaning fish in the camp area,” said Sinyard. 

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