• From left, Deputy Clerk Cindy Waters, Cass County Clerk Jamie O’Rand and Chief Deputy Clerk Evelyn Charleston.

Cass County election officials attend training

Cass County Clerk Jamie O’Rand, Chief Deputy Clerk Evelyn Charleston and Deputy Clerk Cindy Waters attended the 35th annual election law seminar July 31 through Aug. 3 for county election officials in Austin. 

“We learned about the new legislative bills that were recently passed and all updates that pertain to voting -- it was very informative,” said O’Rand. 

Texas Secretary of State Rolando B. Pablos is the chief election officer for the state and provides election training statewide. 

The Secretary of State’s Elections Division provides assistance and advice to election officials on the proper conduct of elections. 

This includes hosting local election schools, ballot certification, primary election funding and legal interpretations of election laws.

Texas house bill 658 is one of the newest additions to voting laws and has new guidelines for voters with disabilities. 

There are many parts to the new bill but and one section is how election officials are required to contact and visit residential care facilities to aid residents in the voting process.

Cass County divides election administration duties between two county offices, the county clerk’s, which handles the actual administration of the election; and the county tax assessor-collector, which provides and maintains voter registration. 

“The job of an election administrator is very complex and has a lot of moving parts,” said O’Rand. 

As more technology is involved in the election process, election officials are required to attend annual training provided by the Texas Secretary of State. 

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