Cass County Commissioners support Riverbend, accept lawn care proposal

The Cass County Commissioner’s Court approved a resolution supporting the role of Riverbend Water Resources District in implementation of the ‘Ultimate Rule Curve’ at the Aug. 8 session.
“In a nutshell, this resolution is for Riverbend to go forward and achieve and acquire future water rights in Lake Wright Patman and as I mentioned before in the previous meeting, currently the curve is at interim and we are looking to implement the ‘Ultimate Rule Curve’ -- which would raise the lake level,” said Riverbend Water Resources District Executive Director Liz Fazio Hale. 
The ‘Ultimate Rule Curve’ will raise the lake’s level two to three feet on average for around six to eight months for water supply, but that does not include intermittent floods.
This is at no cost to the county.
This will provide a possible 100,000 to 120,000 acre-feet of available water and Riverbend will have to petition the state for those water rights. The resolution shows support from Cass County for Riverbend to go forward on behalf of the region to obtain the water rights. 
Commissioner of Precinct 3 Paul Cothren led the court due to Judge Becky Wilbanks being absent to attend the County Judges Education Advisory Committee meeting in Austin. 
Also last week, after discussing the matter, commissioners accepted a proposal for Pro Lawn and Landscape Management for the maintenance of the lawn at the Cass County Justice Center, Cass County Courthouse and Cass County Park. 
There were four proposals from lawn services for landscaping.
“A lot of them do not specify, one of the them does not say and another says every 10 days and another says they will mow every 14 days -- it looks like the Pro Lawn would be the best because it says every 10 days in the summer,” Commissioner of Precinct 1 Brett Fitts said in discussing the proposals for lawn care.
“I am curious, if we accept Pro Lawn’s proposal for Cass County Park as well, could we possibly work out a discount?” asked Commissioner of Precinct 2 Jon Borseth. 
Cothren agreed that they could negotiate because it is a proposal, and they should.
Contracting a lawn service for the justice center and courthouse is due to retirement of the jailor that had escorted and supervised inmates to mow the lawns, and the county does not have someone to fill the position currently. 
The court approved an 18-month renewal of a Texar CD that matured on August 12.
“We normally renew for 24 months, but when I called I was informed that they have a special available for an 18-month CD at 1.75 percent and the 24-month is for 1.4 percent, so in my opinion we should go for the 1.75 percent at 18 months,” said Cass County Treasurer Donna Early. 

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