Cass County Clerk Jamie O’Rand resigns

Court appoints Amy Varnell to the County Clerk seat

Cass County Commissioner’s Court accepted the resignation of Cass County Clerk Jamie O’Rand at the court session on Oct. 10. 
O’Rand was not present the court session but in her letter of resignation explains that she is resigning due to several issues that she experiencing with her family which she feels obligated to tend to. 
After a lengthy executive session the Judge Becky Wilbanks and the county commissioners appointed Amy Varnell to fill the unexpired term of the County Clerk seat. 
Amy Varnell is currently the District Attorney’s Victims Assistance Coordinator for the county but will begin serving as the Cass County Clerk on Nov. 1.
The court also passed a resolution that will deed the county building that is currently used by Agri-life extension office, to Community Services of Northeast Texas Inc. (CSNT) a non-profit group. 
The court spoke of the deeding of the building to CSNT at the last commissioners workshop on Oct. 5 and talked about how CSNT would be completely responsible for all the upkeep and utilities of the building so it would be no cost to the county. 
If CSNT ever moves out of the building then the agreement is that it will be deeded back to Cass County. 
Commissioner of Precinct 4 Darrell Godwin moved to table an action regarding the purchase of the Thompson building in Atlanta, Texas for use by the Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace and Constable. 
“I have the warranty deed and due to everything I would like to table it until the next meeting and that way we can meet with Mr. Stanley and that way we will have all our figures and everything lined out,” said Commissioner Godwin. 
Commissioner of Precinct 2 Jon Borseth volunteered during the commissioner’s workshop the previous Thursday to serve on the Cass County Court Security Committee. 
The court approved Commissioner Borseth to serve on the committee during the court session. 
The new law requires that one of the commissioners must serve on the Cass County Court Security Committee. 
During court announcements Commissioner of Precinct 2 Jon Borseth announced that he will be running in the upcoming election for the re-election of the position of Commissioner of Precinct 2. 
”After a lot of prayer I have decided that I will seek another four year term of commissioner of precinct 2,” said Commissioner Borseth.

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