Atlanta Women’s club to beautify downtown hydrants

Atlanta City Council also approves Schamburg Polk agreement

Atlanta City council met to discuss the possible action approving an agreement between the City of Atlanta and Schaumburg Polk Engineers for the Community Development Block Grant Sewer Line Grant.
“Grantworks is your grant writer on the project and Schaumburg Polk is the engineer. Those were selected about 18 months ago during a competitive process.” Said City Manager David Cockrell.
“The work will be a replacement of sewer lines out behind Travel Inn, and in that real small sub division.” Cockrell explained. 
“When the sewer line breaks, we have to locate it under a parking lot, and when it’s under a parking lot, we have to dig up the parking lot, and that’s typically not the best place for a sewer line.” Said Cockrell.
The proposed sewer line will relocate the line and reroute it. The council approved the measure city to enter into an agreement with Schaumburg Polk to start the drawing and bidding process of the project.
The council also heard from the Atlanta Women’s Club to Paint Fire Hydrants in the downtown area.
“The Atlanta Women’s Club approached me with this to paint the fire hydrants downtown.” Said Atlanta Fire Chief Robin Betts.
“They want to do this as a community project to beautify the downtown area.” Betts explained.
“We thought it would be something different that people would see when they drive through town and its something we would like to do as a club.” said Tina Kennedy
The council approved the project with contingent upon all art work for the hydrants being approved by the city manager.
The Jan. 21 meeting of the council also approved the consent agenda including, Approve Minutes from the December 18, 2017 Council Meeting, the approval of Melissa Kimble to the Atlanta Hotel/Motel Tourism Committee and the approve a Resolution Calling for a General City Election to be Held on Saturday, May 5, 2018.

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