Atlanta City Council Affirms Murdock Drive as Public Street

The Atlanta City Council held its regular session on Nov. 6. During the opening of the meeting, the council voted to approve the minutes from the Oct. 2 meeting.
The council then discussed, considered and approved the resolution affirming that Murdock Drive is a Public Street within the Corporate Limits of the City of Atlanta.
“Murdock is a street off of HWY 59, and we have long not known whether or not Murdock is Public or Private street. No one to our knowledge has ever claimed it as private property.” Said City Manager David Cockrell
“We spoke to Amanda Lafferty over at Lafferty Law Office, in addition to some folks over at Cass County and we were presented with some information that shows that this was a County Road and that it was public before Atlanta reached out and incorporated it.” Cockrell Said
“We have every reason to believe its public. Rainbow Drive was a similar situation. The Lafferty firm also reached out to Cass County to confirm that that there was no ownership on the property and that no taxes have ever been paid on it.” Said Cockrell.
The council then moved on to the discussion that would authorize the replacement of 400 linear feet of 2” water service line on Pecan Lane including 8 service connections. The council declared this as an emergency.
“Went out to investigate a complaint over a low flow, and what we found to be the issue is that that whole street for some reason is served by three quarter inch metal line.” Cockrell said
“This is the type of line that would serve inside a home” said Cockrell.
The bid was awarded to Bardwell Industries for $11,835.00.


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