5th Annual Hometown Christmas set for Dec. 15

Traditions have the power to make a community come together every year without fail; traditions like the Christmas Parade last weekend, and the Christmas tree lighting at Memorial Plaza downtown. Over the last four years, the Hometown Christmas Event has become one of those traditions. This year will be the fifth year that the Atlanta Area Young Professionals Network has hosted this event for the community.

“This is kind of a Young Professionals gift back to the community,” member Lisa Thompson said. “They have supported us for four years now and they are what has made the event so successful.” 

The Hometown Christmas Event is set to take place Friday December 15, from 5:30 until 8:30 p.m. The events will be located in the Price Hardware parking lot and the area around it on South William Street. Unlike in previous years, there will be no admittance fee for families to come and enjoy the festivities. 

Popular attractions such as pictures with Santa will be there, along with his live reindeer for the children. Taken by a professional, for a $5 fee, the pictures will be printed and ready immediately after the picture is taken. Cookies and hot chocolate will be available to those who attend and “Southern Flair” Benita’s Mobile Boutique will also be on site.

The Atlanta Area Young Professionals had to scale back the event this year, which lead to a bit smaller event than years before. 

 “All of us who are involved and volunteer have growing families and are all headed in different directions,” Thompson said. “So this is our final gift to Atlanta and her community. We just want everyone to come out and enjoy it.”  

Thompson told us that the Young Professionals organization as of this moment will not host any more community events in the future once this Hometown Christmas Event is over, due to the lack of volunteers,

“Most of us have gotten jobs outside the community really,” Thompson said. “We are not really there as much as we would like to be, so it makes it hard for us to keep doing these events when we are not able to physically be in the community.” 

“If people want to volunteer or even take the events over and host them, we would love to show someone the ropes,” Thompson said. “We can show them what exactly we have done in the past and how we raised money for these events.”

The Atlanta Area Young Professionals would like to express their gratitude to their community, and the many downtown businesses that have opened their doors to them and been so supportive of the organization.

“Price Hardware has always been such a willing partner with us, along with all the downtown businesses,” Thompson said. “I just think that’s so awesome, the Young Professionals and I really appreciate it.” 

More information can be found on the 5th Annual Hometown Christmas event page on Facebook, where you also may ask any questions you have about the Event itself. Come out and show your continued support next Friday, December 15th at 5:30, for a favored holiday tradition. 

The Young Professionals are looking for other organizations or members of the community to potentially take over the Hometown Christmas Event so that this tradition so many citizens enjoy can continue. If anyone would like to volunteer and become a part of the Young Professionals organization they can contact Lisa Thompson at 903-244-5591, or on Facebook.

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