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Saving souls one city at a time

For 10 years, touching lives and saving souls one city at a time all across America has been the goal for Time to Revive ministry, “Project 52.”
Time to Revive ministry, a non-denominational, non-profit organization has a different way of reaching out to people, traveling across the country with its Mobile Baptismal which is equipped with everything needed to perform a baptismal.  
On his way to Abilene, James Stewart, of Rochester, Ind., along with Ken Peacock of Smyrna Baptist Church, recently stopped by the Citizens Journal to spread the news about the thriving ministry.“I would say that we are equipping the Saints for Christ’s return. The church has left the building,” said Stewart. “This ministry has changed my life forever. We have been a part of thousands of lives changed, and every day God uses us to train people, disciple and baptize.”
Ten years ago, when Time to Revive was just beginning and didn’t even have a name yet, founder and CEO Kyle Lance Martin and wife Laura, could never have imagined how God would grow this tiny ministry. Currently the ministry has teams in six different states actively running, partnering with communities to pursue revival and equip the saints for the return of Christ.
 Martin’s unique desire was to engage with people directly in their own environment, as well as through media and public speaking. He believes there is hope for the nation, and it begins with prayer, as well as stepping out into the community and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
This 52-week discipleship program pursues its mission to a targeted city, and only with an invitation to do so. When the invitation by an individual or group is extended, a “scouting trip” is initiated to the city to determine the Lord’s desire for the ministry to pursue revival there. 
For more information, visit timetorevive.com.

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