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A journey of a lifetime

A journey can be defined as a passage or progress from one stage to another, and there are many journeys one takes over the course of their life. All journeys, no matter how small, are both exciting and have the potential to be life changing. The journey to a new career, going from high school to college, and becoming a parent are all journeys that change us forever.

Kelley Henley knows all too well the profound effect a journey can have in life. She began her life in rural New York. At age 15 her family moved to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It was there, at 21, that she met her husband David. Shortly after they were married, they found out that they were expecting their first child. After his birth, they decided it was best if she stay home with him and her husband’s daughter from before their marriage. Being a stay at home mom can be very fulfilling, but it can also be isolating. While spending time with the kids was wonderful, she longed for adult interactions.

It was a single knock at her door one day that changed everything and began her journey to a new life. There on her front porch were two ladies who were Jehovah’s Witnesses. Inviting them in, she sat with them for an hour and talked about her kids, chores and home-schooling struggles. Fate would have it that one of the ladies home schooled as well and told Henley about different groups in her area. Each week the ladies came back and talked to Henley about God, the bible, and prayer, and Henley joined one of the home school groups which turned out to be a Christian based group. While Henley did not consider herself a Christian, she was grateful for the friendship they offered.

Eventually, though, she began to believe. To believe in prayer, the bible, and most importantly, God. She eventually began to attend several different churches at different times during the week and on weekends with her family. The different denominations gave her the opportunity to let her be guided to make the right choice for her family’s eventual spiritual home.

Her journey wasn’t over. It eventually led her and her family to move to Atlanta. It also led her to write and publish her first book, “We Will Follow.” The book documents her journey in a way that’s open and honest. She includes relevant and meaningful verses from the Bible between chapters and reminds the reader with her words that while change can be a scary thing, it can also bring the most exceptional and joyous things to light. Henley lays bare her soul for those who read it and shows that no one is perfect, but anyone can journey to find God.

Henley is currently working on her second book. Her first book, “We Will Follow” can be found in several small businesses around Atlanta and online on her website kellyrhenley.square.site.

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