Farmers market more than a harvest

Local farmers have put a lot of time and energy into planting and harvesting their crops for this year’s Farmers Market.
Despite battling weather conditions, with little to no rain or too much rain at one time, local farmers are dedicated to providing fresh, local vegetables for their community.
On the morning of Thursday, June 21 business was booming with customers. Local farmer, J.C. Johnson and his son Jerry Johnson from Doddridge, Ark., had a trailer full of watermelons they picked that morning, along with large cantaloupes, sweet corn, jalapeño peppers, squash, and large tomatoes, green and red.
“These watermelons are guaranteed,” said J.C. “If someone is not satisfied, we will either give them their money back or give them another melon.”
Of course J.C. had some secrets about his gardening he said he didn’t need to talk about as he chuckled.
Other locals, Ricky Hodges, of Atlanta and Ray Werline, of the Douglassville area were set up with a bounty of tomatoes, green and red, cucumbers and they said they will have squash and melons also.
There was also a table full of canned jellies, jams, relish and other items for sale.
The Farmer’s Market is located behind the Atlanta Police Department off of Louise St. It will be open for business on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturdays from 6 a.m. until the customers quit coming.

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