• Abercrombie family of Scotland and their Cass County descendents

Abercrombie family of Scotland and their Cass County descendents

Grandchildren of Robley and Anabel Gorman Moore of Kildare, Cass County, Texas can claim their royal background through the Abercrombie family of Scotland. Their first link to Cass County was through their great, great-grandfather Risdon Moore’s wife Sarah “Sally” Raines Moore. Her mother was Sara “Sally” Abercrombie, daughter of Charles Abercrombie, Sr., a Major in the American Revolutionary Army from North Carolina. His ancestors were Scottish royalty.

Alexander Abercrombie was the first Baronet of Berkenbog and was created Baronet of Nova Scotia on February 20, 1636. He was a member of Parliament representing Banfishire. He married Elizabeth Baird in Scotland. They lived out their lives there. Son James Abercrombie was born in 1658 in Fife, Scotland.

James Abercrombie was the second Baronet of Berkenbog but immigrated to South Carolina in 1720. He had married in 1705 in Fife, Scotland to Mary Gordan, born 1660 in Scotland. He kept his home in Scotland and would travel back and forth. James served at Attorney General from 1728 until 1742 for South Carolina. He was “Hon Justice” in 1734 in South Carolina as well. He was given royal land grants. James figured into the decision to redivide the line between North and South Carolina. He was one of the twelve patriarchs of the First Scotch Presbyterian Church in Charleston, South Carolina. James and Mary’s son was Robert Abercrombie, Sr., born about 1715 in Banff, Scotland.

Robert Abercrombie, Sr., came with his parents to South Carolina from Scotland when just a child. There he would marry Jane Gresham. Jane was born about 1717. He and Jane made their home in Orange County, North Carolina. He was commissioned to be the Justice of the Peace for Orange County on May 23, 1757 and served in this position for twenty-one years. Although too old for active military service during the American Revolutionary War, Robert did let out his horses and rendered valuable services in other ways as a patriot in the Hillsborough District of North Carolina. His wife Jane Greshem died before 1779. Robert died May 31, 1782 in Orange County and his will is recorded there. He signed his name as “Abercromby.” Their children were named Charles, Jenny, Mary, Robert Jr., James and Melborn. Charles Abercrombie, Sr. was born March 13, 1741 or

Charles Abercrombie, Sr. was born March 13, 1741 or 1742 in Orange County, North Carolina. He was the oldest child in the family. He met Edwina Dicey Malina Booth, daughter of John Booth and his wife Mary. They married in Mecklenberg, North Carolina on December 18,1769. Edwina was about ten years younger having been born on October 6,1751 in Mecklenberg County, North Carolina. Charles became a Major in the North Carolinian Revolutionary Army. On March 19, 1781, he was granted 230 acres of land in Green County, Georgia. He was also granted land in Virginia in 1786 - 1799. He left for Georgia about 1784 and there built a large fort which was designed for protection and free use of his friends and neighbors in what would later be known as Hancock County, Georgia. (Hancock County was formed from Green County in 1793.) Major Charles Abercrombie along with Andrew Borland and Anderson Comer donated land to Hancock County on June 3, 1795 where the courthouse and surrounding park stand in Sparta, Georgia. Charles laid out the town of Sparta from his own lands in 1795. He built a home known as the Abercrombie-Dickens House near the south end of Rabun Street in Sparta. (The house is still standing.) He died August 23, 1819 in Hancock County, Georgia. His wife had died in September of 1803 or 1804. They are buried in a private spot surrounded by a rock wall on land on the outskirts of Sparta, Georgia. There is a government marker placed on his grave by D.A.R. chapters of Milledgeville and Hancock County, Georgia. Charles and Edwina had eleven children who are named William Abner, Sr.; Edmund; Sara “Sally”, Wiley “Willie”; Leonard; Jane; John Booth; Anderson; Nancy; Charles, Jr.; and James.

Sara “Sally” Abercrombie was born January 29, 1775 in North Carolina. She met and married Thomas Raines II about 1796 most likely in Hancock County, Georgia. Thomas Raines II had been appointed captain of the Hancock County Regiment of Militia on March 17, 1793. He was also a member of the Universalist Church. Thomas, the son of John Raines and Amy Goodwyn, was born January 10, 1763 in Sussex County, Virginia. (See additional information on the Goodwyn family below.) They would live in Charlotte County, Virginia and Hancock County, Morgan County, and finally Jones County all in Georgia. Thomas died February 7, 1836 in the town of Clinton, Jones County, Georgia. Sara “Sally” died about 1842 in Clinton, Jones County, Georgia. They had nine children named Sarah “Sally”; John Goodwyn, Nancy G.; Cadwallader; William Nathaniel; Edmund F., Sr.; Martha Eugenia Goodwyn; Thomas A.; and Amy.

According to her marker in the Kildare, Texas Cemetery, Sarah “Sally” Raines was born in 1811 and died in 1875. She married Risdon Moore July 7, 1827 in Jones County, Georgia. Their oldest child Charles Edmund Moore was born in 1828 in Jones County. They came to Cass County, Texas living east of the present town of Kildare. Risdon bought 1100 acres in Cass County on Jim’s Bayou in the Isaac Fishback survey on 15 July 1858. Risdon Moore, born 1808, died in 1868 and is the oldest burial in the Kildare Cemetery. His estate was inventoried in Cass County, then called Davis County. Daughters Martha G., Amanda (Anna America), and Laura, also born in Georgia, came to Texas and married men in the Marion and Cass County’ area. Another son named John, born in 1835 in Georgia, may have come as well.

Charles Edmund Moore, a single man in 1860 was managing a large farm with T. J. Morgan as his overseer. Later in August of that same year C.E. Moore served on the patrol company for Beat #2 in Cass County along with P. B. Kinkade, William McClendon, C. D. Jones, John A. Browning, and Clem Galloway. Charles first married Mary E. McClendon, born 1848. C. E. Moore, Sr. gave land along with the Galloways and the town of Kildare was founded in 1873. When Charles and wife Mary Moore built their home, he had a 1,100 acre farm out of Kildare, and he would go there during the week and come home on the weekends. The old plantation home was said to have large white columns across the front. It was a two-story structure and a showplace that was once featured on the cover of the Progressive Farmer Magazine. Two giant magnolia trees grew in the front yard. The home burned before the turn of the century. Their son Robley Moore was born in 1874 in Cass County, Texas. Charles Edmund Moore, Jr. was born in 1876. After his first wife’s death in 1877, Charles married Mary’s sister Annie A. McClendon on December 28, 1877 in Cass County, Tx. Annie was born in 1850. The Moore and Galloway families gave land for the first Methodist Church in Kildare in 1877. In 1878, Annie and Charles E. Moore, Sr. were deceased and left the two young sons as heirs. C.C. Galloway, brother-in-law and business partner of C.E. Moore, Sr., became the guardian of the minor children. Liza Dunn was paid by Galloway for four months of nursing C. E. Moore, Jr. This child died in 1879 and is buried at Kildare. In August of 1888, M. M. Pruitt, Jr. became the guardian of Robley Moore. Pruitt in 1889 requested of the courts to invest Robley Moore’s money in bank stock, but his request was denied, [n 1891 there was a division of land between the Galloways and Robley Moore.

Robley “Rob” Moore was sent to study at Texas A & M University and became a civil engineer. He married Anabel Gorman and they made their home in Kildare, Texas. They had five children Robert Paul, Gorman, Robley, Mildred, and Donald. Rob Moore died in 1924 and his wife Anabel died in 1956. They are buried in the Kildare Cemetery.

Many of the grandchildren of Rob Moore still live in the Kildare community. So, from Scotland to Cass County, Texas, the Abercrombie family can be traced through history.

Additional Information on the Goodwyn Family

Amy Goodwyn was born 31 Aug 1732 in Sussex, Virginia. She married John Raines who was born 7 July 1726 Bristol Parrish, Prince George, Va. Amy’s parents were John Goodwyn born 1709 Surry County, VA and Winfred Tucker born about 1712 in Va. Additional information has Thomas Goodwyn and wife Mary Harrison as Amy’s grandparents and William and Elizabeth Goodwyn both born Bristol, England as her great grandparents.

Sources: Abercrombie Family Association Notes, Cass County Census, Probate, Deed and Marriage Records, Kildare Cemetery Markers, Citizens Journal September 25, 1977, interview with Mrs. Gorman Moore, research by Ronald Moore and Mary Echols, and Ancestral file from Mormon Research Center.

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