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Patrick Statement on the Texas House Killing School Choice

HOUSTON, TX – Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick released the following statement: “Some members who voted against school choice attended private schools themselves or send their kids or grandkids to private schools. Now, they are denying that right to their constituents. If every House Republican or Democrat who has used private schools voted for school choice, it may have passed.



James Walker Fannin, Jr., had arrived in Texas only in 1834. The 30-year-old planter brought his wife and two daughters with him. A fight with Mexico was brewing, and Fannin jumped in with both feet. In the first battle of the Texas Revolution in October 1835, Fannin led his Brazos Guards from Velasco against Mexican forces at the Battle of Gonzales. In spite of this initial success, the fortunes of Texas in battle would soon change dramatically. The tides of war and fortune would cost Fannin everything.

Texas History Minute

Some men live only a short life, but one moment can be remembered for generations. James Fannin was a planter, businessman, solider, and family man. He was only 32 when he died during the Texas Revolution. Fannin’s death would be a rallying cry across Texas, but his early life was one far from the concerns of the Texas frontier and the politics of Mexico.

Lege gets to work in fourth special session

Lege gets to work in fourth special session

The Texas Legislature, conceived as a part-time body to meet every other year for 140 days, is now in its record fifth session (counting the regular session). When the impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is included, legislators have been in Austin pretty much the entire year, as the Texas Tribune noted. While legislators are paid just $7,200 a year in salary, per diem payments – meant to cover their expenses while in Austin – have mounted. If the fourth special session goes a full 30 days, taxpayers will have spent $4.8 million keeping lawmakers in Austin.


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