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Texas History Minute

The twentieth century transformed the United States from a moderate power only loosely involved in world affairs into a superpower where most questions of foreign relations revolved around American goals and intentions. Much of this transition began taking place during the period just before and just after World War II. Numerous treaties were ratified, planning was required, and many discussions took place in the U. S. Senate. An important part of this work in creating a global role for the United States came from a one-time, small-town attorney from McLennan County, Texas.

Texas History Minute

Texas History Minute

Cartoons have captivated and delighted children – and the young at heart -- for generations. As the motion picture industry emerged, cartoons became a staple feature of the matinee. As television later emerged, they became normal fare on Saturday mornings and late afternoons after school. Even in the modern age of DVD players and wireless streaming, they still delight audiences of all ages. Young children still enjoy discovering and watching the same cartoons from as early as the 1930s and 1940s that their parents and grandparents grew up watching. One of the early and most important pioneers of animation was a Texan known simply as Tex Avery.


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