Out in the Open

Getting back to the basics 


I remember when life was simple, nothing fancy, just plain and simple.
Even in my childhood, and I am 41 years old, things were so much different.  There were no cell phones or high-tech devices, which have become an addiction. If you would have told me back then we would be carrying phones around in our pockets one day, I would have laughed, because that was just unheard of, and the thought would have been absurd.
It seems now that people can’t walk, drive, or even go out to eat and have a conversation anymore without being plastered to a phone screen.
 My co-worker and Editor of The Cass County Sun, Ben Woods, recently wrote an article entitled, “Put down the phone,” and he made very good points on this subject.
Children should be encouraged to go outside and play. There is much to be discovered and explored outside. 
I spent most of my childhood wondering off to the creek and around the property, just to see what I could find, and sometimes what I would bring home would freak my mom out a little.
 If I’ve heard “Get that out of this house!” one time I’ve heard it a million. Even though most of the time my mom wouldn’t have allowed me to roam so far by myself, it taught me a lot, a lot about nature and I learned some survival skills while on my adventures. Since then, I’ve always been an excellent snake spotter. 
I was always a curious child. I wanted to know how and why things happened, which made me learn a lot about animals and nature. When I wasn’t in nature, I was reading about it in our encyclopedias, those things with a lot of pages, writing and colorful pictures. There was no Google and actual skills of knowing your ABC’s as well as reading had to be used. There wasn’t a critter in the world I couldn’t give you facts about, not from just reading but watching some of it happen on my own being outdoors.
I think life was a lot more fun when I was young. My family would ride horses, go to the lake and ski, by the way I never mastered the art, swim and do many other things together without any distractions. If my mom or dad would have seen me or my siblings with our faces stuck to a screen, that device would probably be somewhere at the bottom of Lake Wright Patman, underneath a tractor tire or possibly in the toilet if the mood was right.
I remember digging for worms and going fishing by myself as a child. I didn’t have any fancy knot tying skills, but I did know how to tie a double knot in my shoe, so I figured my hook could get the job done with the same knot.    
It makes me happy when I see children riding bicycles now days. I never thought that would become a thing of the past. That was probably my favorite thing to do as a child. My friend and I would meet half way, and take off riding, and we rode for miles and miles….sorry again mom. 
It’s the simple things in life we often take for granted. I praise the parents who encourage outdoor activities and also participate in them. I think it is good for everyone to learn certain skills like fishing, how to be responsible with guns, how to kill their own food and grow their own vegetables or maybe spend a little time in the hay field, right dad? If our stores that we depend on daily shut down, I wonder how many people could actually survive. 
The things to do outdoors are endless and there wouldn’t be enough room in this newspaper to name them all. There is nothing good that can come from sitting in the house all of the time and being sucked into a technological device.
People of all ages, go out and explore, or just take a walk and see what beauty is out there just waiting to be found. 

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