Jim Loomis ‘The Realistic Nutritionist’


I started donating blood back in the early 1980s. From my earliest donations and throughout the 1990s the agencies taking my blood ran a free cholesterol test on my blood, mailing the results within two weeks. I watched my numbers slowly get worse over the years.

In the late 1990s I had a routine visit with my doctor who advised me my cholesterol was too high and I needed to either take medication or olive oil to reduce the bad reading. I chose olive oil instead of medication.

I added two to four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil into my daily routine, no other changes whatsoever and in six years my bad cholesterol dropped 90 points.

I grew up eating sugary foods, breads and fatty meats.

There were neither any restrictions placed on me as a child nor did I self-impose restrictions as I grew up. I did not eat terrible, but was not health conscious until the mid-1990s.

It was at that time, not due to any health issues, my wife and I started researching and practicing better eating habits. We did not eat shellfish; ceased alcohol consumption and eating pork, and greatly decreased processed meats and cheeses.


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