• 	City Administrator UPDATE
  • 	City Administrator UPDATE

City Administrator UPDATE

Linden is looking forward to some fun events this winter. Jan 3oth from 11am - 1pm we will have a downtown block party with games, vendors and music! Linden Together is taking applications for Venders, the theme is “Steppin into 2021 Together”. Come out and enjoy a little neighborly fun and support our local cottage industry. Rumor has it we will have the best Taco Truck in East Texas there!

The CIty has an ongoing initiative to bring all of our iordinances into one unified searchable code. It will be accessable through our City Web Site, lindnetexas.org. We have placed a draft on the web site to view, City Council will be having a workshop where they will review the document then once they pass it, it will be the standing code of ordinances that we will follow. It literally comes from all of our historic ordinances being copied and updated and placed in one volume. This should make it easier for all our city offices and the public to be able to view the ordinances we operate under.

We are initiating the bond procedures for our new water distribution system; the total cost will be near $4.5M of that $2.7M will be bond and the rest Grant money from USDA. We should be seeing work start on the project this summer. This project will provide a new well, new Water Tower and new distribution system.

We will be boring under and cutting roads and digging pits on the sides of roads so expect a lot of construction mess this summer but after words water pressure and quality should be great. We are already looking at ways to affordably start a repaving and road renovation project. We will not roll in and pave all of Linden at once. We will work on a system that produces the best affects for the City as a whole, including being cost sensitive. Linden runs on a very lean budget, there will have to be some increases but we are going to look at some slow progressive programs that will not require massive debt unless that is what the people want.

Massive debt will raise taxes, so we will try to avoid that. Please call-in large potholes and stopped up culverts to City Hall 903 756-7502 ext 3. We do work orders and will repair them.

Linden is a great town and we are seeing improvements in it. Don’t let the National negativity and division invade our local community. We are seeing short tempers and mad people a lot; I am in that group. But honestly let’s discuss national issues but remember they don’t define our community, let’s keep Linden growing stronger together!

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