Strength of Atlanta

Region 3 Division II Powerlifting Championship

Mar. 2, 33 schools converged on Malakoff to decide who would represent Atlanta’s region at the state meet in Abilene at the end of the month. 

Twelve lifters in each of the eleven weight classes were presented an opportunity to seize a top two spot, which would send them on to the next competition. 

At the conclusion of the day, one Atlanta strongman, Jacob Nash, would emerge as a state representative. 

Overall, nine members of Strength of Atlanta earned the honor of competing at the Regional meet. Seniors - Zee Barfoot and Dustin Williams, Juniors - Dalton Johnson, Jacob Nash, Clayton Mosley and Francisco Martinez, Sophomore - Cade Fant, and Freshmen - Cody Maxie and Tyrell King each represented Strength of Atlanta in the Regional competition. 

When the lifting concluded, four of these young men were presented with medals. Jacob Nash won top honors in the 165-pound weight class qualifying to lift in the state meet. 

Clayton Mosley claimed fifth in the 181-pound class, Zee Barfoot medaled, as well, taking fifth in the 198s and Tyrell King medaled in fifth place among the 242-pound contestants. 

Of the 33 schools in our region, Strength of Atlanta finished seventh, besting the likes of Pittsburg, Henderson, Liberty-Eylau, Carthage and Gladewater, by a wide margin. 

The strongmen from Atlanta accomplished great things this year on the way to their finish in Malakoff. 

Six different lifters squatted at least 500 pounds, five bench pressed at least 300 pounds including one 410-pound bench press by Dustin Williams, and three lifters deadlifted at least 500 pounds. 

This was a landmark season for Atlanta high school powerlifting and has set the stage for unprecedented success in the future. Seniors Dustin Williams, Zee Barfoot and Jordan Alvarez leave a legacy of greatness behind for a large group of young lifters to build upon. 

Strength of Atlanta will continue to edge closer toward their ultimate goal in the very near future.

Mar. 24, Jacob Nash will continue toward his personal goal of becoming a State champion. 

He will compete that day at the Taylor County Expo Center in Abilene, at the State of Texas Powerlifting Championships. 

Jacob currently stands as the ninth ranked 165-pound lifter in Division II in the state of Texas. 

Nash has committed himself, daily, to the pursuit of excellence and has himself poised to rise in the state rankings. 

Personal bests, statewide recognition, and a medal are on the agenda when he arrives in Abilene.

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