Constable McWaters on the trail of litter problem in Cass County

Litter bugs watch out, Constable Alton McWaters is tackling the litter problem in Cass County with his new title of Little Abatement Officer. 
McWaters spoke at the Cass County Commissioners workshop on Feb. 22 about his progress. 
“Since the first of the month I have been driving all over the county and digging through the trash and I have been starting to get more calls and people are realizing what we are doing,” said McWaters. 
“I had to go to McLeod a few days ago and search through four big bags that was left by the cemetery, a guy called in and he was really mad about it, I went down there and found some names of local people,” said McWaters. 
McWaters is beginning to send letters to the people who he believes that is responsible for the bags of trash he has found. 
“I am sending five of the letters that I have presented to ya’ll telling them that we have found trash with their names in it and I am also sending them a copy of the law,” said McWaters. 
“One of the big problems and I have talked to the judge about this is the trash hauling people, they are overloading their trucks and they are going down county roads with trash falling out of their trucks and they just keep going,” said McWaters. 
“We are going to have to put a stop to that, they need to have those trucks covered so trash won’t fall out while they are going down the highway, I get a lot of calls about that,” said McWaters. 
Anyone who sees litter or has a problem with litter bugs is encouraged to call Constable Alton McWaters at 903-824-6937. 

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