County votes to spend excess Bear Creek Disaster funds on law enforcement equipment

Atlanta Fire Chief and Cass County Emergency Management Coordinator Robin Betts spoke to the court on Feb. 13 about why he chose to spend the funds for law enforcement equipment. 
“We had some monies that was donated during for Bear Creek for the Bear Creek incident overall, Judge Wilbanks assigned me the task to find out what some of the need are in the county so we can go ahead and spend the money,” explained Betts. 
There was approximately $38,000 left over and Betts plans to spend about $34,000 of it on the equipment. 
“I did talk to a lot of the law enforcement community and they are here today to be in support and some of the things that we came up with were protection equipment for their officers,” said Betts. 
Betts reported that he will spread the equipment around the counties law enforcement agencies. 
“We are looking at since we had the threats that are coming up on active shooters and IED’s and I am sure everybody that watches the news knows what is going on in society today,” said Betts. 
“We would like to better equip our officers with ballistic shields and ballistic blankets that they can use for barricaded people to better outfit them and provide their safety and protect the safety of our citizens and out children and our community,” said Betts. 
Betts explained at the previous workshop that these items he was spending the money on he has not been able to get grants for due to Cass County not having a tactical response team. 
Betts explained were the previous funds and supplies after the Bear Creek fire went and how the fire departments were able to file with FEMA for reimbursement. 
“I understand the fire side, we had access during Bear Creek and we had some funding that was left over and there were a lot of supplies that were left over and Judge McMichael at that time as soon as Bear Creek was terminated Judge McMichael and I met and we disseminated that money and those supplies evenly across the fire departments in Cass County,” explained Betts. 
“Plus we had access to FEMA project worksheets where FEMA would reimburse us for our expenditures time and equipment we spent during the Bear Creek incident itself,” said Betts. 

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