City of Linden asks county for property to build a water tower

Water tower will alleviate pressure issues on west side of Linden

Cass Count Commissioners discussed deeding over a quarter acre of property close to the jail to the City of Linden for a water tower to be built at the Feb. 8 workshop session. 
Linden Mayor Clarence Burns, Linden City Administrator Bob Swisher and the city hired engineer Andy Franks spoke at the workshop about why the water tower is needed and why it would be the best location. 
The court will make the official decision on the property at the commissioner court session on Feb. 13. 
Mayor Burns spoke and gave the reason for choosing this location and how it would benefit the county and the City of Linden. 
“This is a two part presentation, part of it is what we are asking the county to do for us and the second part is what the city would do for the county,” said Mayor Burns. 
Mayor Burns gave the reason for the need of the water tower. 
“About five years ago there became a very serious water pressure problem on the west side of the city and we commissioned our engineer who is here to do a hydrology study and find out ways of correcting it,” Mayor Burns continued. 
“The solution that they came up with was to put an elevated storage tank on this side of town, then it became a problem of where to put it, if you will look at your site map there you will see the round structure and that is our ground storage tank between the justice center and the jail,” said Mayor Burns.
Mayor Burns spoke about the property needed and what would need to be done.  
“We have a 99 year lease on that quarter acre of property which the county does own, we are asking for an adjacent quarter acre east of this property to put the elevated storage tank on and it impacts the county because currently that is what the county uses as the impound lot,” said Mayor Burns. 
“What we are asking is for the county to deed that quarter acre property we have a lease on and the adjacent acre property to the west to the city, so that we could put an elevated storage tank there,” continued Mayor Burns.
“We have approximately a quarter million dollar investment already in the ground storage tank and it makes sense to us to put them side by side if you agree with us,” said Mayor Burns. 
“Now I know the next part would be what would you do with your impound lot, the city will make an agreement with the county to designate an area on city property over by our maintenance building to put that impound lot there,” continued Mayor Burns. 
“Also the sheriff had asked if we would pave a parking area right there which would be left on this piece of property for the jail because they need it,” said Mayor Burns. 
“It would save the city a tremendous amount of money to put it at the same location but it would also help with the water pressure problem over here, I have said before if the fire suppression system in the justice center was needed the pressure may not be there and with this elevated storage tank it would alleviate that plus our problems,” said Mayor Burns. 
The city engineer Andy Franks with AL Franks Engineering spoke about why the location was chosen along with the water pressure increase. 
“The site was selected for a number of reasons number one because of its elevation, the ground elevation at this site is 30 to 35 feet higher than the ground elevation of where the existing tanks are,” said Franks. 
“So that alone with the same height tank would increase the pressure between 15 and 20 PSI here, which I understand sometime back there has been some pressure problems when there is demand other places so that would alleviate that problem,” continued Franks. 
“Another reason that site was selected because the existing ground tank that is there and the distribution system was built to serve this location so putting a new tank here makes sense because the distribution system is there and it is made for that scenario,” elaborated Franks.
Judge Becky Wilbanks had a few question regarding the tanks and location.
“When was the tank installed here?” asked Judge Wilbanks. 
Mayor Burns replied that it was when the boat plant was in that location because they needed the extra water pressure by law and they discussed that it was probably around the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. 
“We maintained it over the years and we have built a system off of that tank,” said Mayor Burns. 
“So out of all of Linden that is the best location,” said Judge Wilbanks. 
“That is the highest location in where we are having pressure problems,” replied Franks. 

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