• Steve Campbell, above photo, brought Dancing Drums to Atlanta Primary School.

Dancing Drums at APS

Students  at Atlanta Primary School and fifth graders from Atlanta Middle School were entertained with four performances by Steve Campbell and Dancing Drum at the Atlanta Primary School Gym Jan. 29. 
The heart of the drum clinic was Good Character Lessons. This was the third year that Atlanta Primary and the Atlanta Middle School’s fifth grade have experienced Dancing Drumming.  Mr. Campbell brings percussive instrumentation for some 100 plus students.  
He teaches the rhythms aurally, transfers them to body percussion and then to instruments like African drums, wood blocks and maracas. 
All performances are done at one facility to keep down the program’s cost, and the program was brought to APS this year by a generous grant from the former Cass County Performing Arts.  
The learning process is not only beneficial rhythmically, but the students learn to spell out good character words to fun rhythms.  
With each older age group, Campbell scaffolds their learning and progressively adds difficulty. 
All the students strive to sit compliant, quiet and still so that they will have their turn at each group of instruments.
Campbell is a professional musician, performer, recording artist, and educator. He is co-founder, owner, and director of Dancing Drum.
Campbell is also a multi-talented instrumentalist who plays djembe, djun-djun, drum kit, balafon, xylophone, steel drum, congas, and a variety of other percussion. He also specializes in composition.
His company Dancing Drum aims to set a national standard for innovative, cross-curricular arts education programming. 
Its approach combines music education with standards-based learning extensions in a variety of subjects including visual art, dance, social studies, history, reading, language, geography, and character education. 

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