• Photo by Rachel Woods - Frog and and ‘sister’ Savanna Burns share a very special bond. Frog meets the school bus every day if the weather is good to pick Savannah up and walk her down the driveway.
  • Photo by Rachel Woods

Fowl Play

Atlanta Middle School student and her pet rooster become a social media sensation

Frog the Rooster is no ordinary feathered friend. He greets his human sister Savannah every day after school when the bus drops her off. Savannah is a seventh grader at Atlanta Middle School.
“When school started, I would wait on Savannah at the end of the drive way. Then he started watching for the school bus and after about 3 days he started going down the driveway to get his sister,” said Holley Burns.
“Even when it’s raining he knows when the bus is coming,” said Holley.
Frog the Rooster is Bantam cochin, and was the surviving chick of five eggs. He rules the roost at the Burns’ residence in Alamance.
“When he was little bitty, he didn’t really walk like other chicks. He would hop like a frog.”
Originally Frog’s family thought he was a hen, but they were surprised when they realized the truth
“I was like ‘oh, this is a rooster’,” said Holley.
Frog is the Burns’ Family’s only chicken-child and he’s also a camera hog. He recognizes when people take his photo and responds to commands to pose for the camera.
“He’s just all over the place all the time. It’s really cool,” said Savannah.
Frog is also social media famous. He’s been featured on Good Morning America, Unilad, and Ellen DeGeneres’ Instagram. He touts his own Instagram and Facebook profiles.
 While he has an outside living quarters that is heated and aired, Frog does get to experience of living inside the house sometimes.
“In the last few days its been cold, so he’s been coming in the house.”
“The most surprising thing has been how calm he is,” said Savannah.
Frog also likes to go on car rides, he sleeps in a bed, and allows his sister Savannah to paint his toe nails.
“There’s so much negative on Facebook and Instagram, and this helps to take away from that and make people smile,” said Holley.
When asked if they considered getting more chickens, both Savannah and Holley have their reservations.
“My dad would kill me if we got another chicken,” said Savannah.
“I think frog is happy being an only chicken-child right now,” said Holley.

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