• Chief McDuffie being sworn in by Judge McMillan while his wife Jeanette McDuffie holds the Bible on Jan. 12.

Linden-Kildare school campuses are in good hands with interim L-K Chief of Police Tony McDuffie

With 40 plus years of law enforcement experience the Linden-Kildare campuses are in good care with interim L-K Chief of Police Tony McDuffie. 
“I truly appreciate Mrs. Winters, Mr. Owen and the Linden-Kildare school board for giving me this opportunity,” said McDuffie. 
Officer McDuffie was sworn in at the Cass County Law Enforcement and Justice Center by Judge Barbara McMillan on Jan. 12. 
“I feel that I have three main jobs at the school, protect the student and staff, protect school property and be a role model for the students,” said McDuffie. 
McDuffie began his law enforcement career right here in Cass County. 
“Right out of highs school I went to work for Cass County Sheriff’s Department, I dispatched with Bill Dowd and I rode with deputies at night, as just a young kid and I went to DPS academy,” said McDuffie. 
Officer McDuffie has worked for many law enforcement agencies including the Department of Public Safety State of Texas, Linden Police Department, Assistant Director of Fort Bend of the Major Crime Task Force, and Richmond Police Department as a Detective. 
McDuffie in his law enforcement career has around 6,000 law enforcement training hours. 
McDuffie spent 25 years as the chief of the Juvenile Probation Department where he felt that he really made a difference in the youth’s lives. 
“When you work with juveniles you feel like you can make a difference in their life, I felt like I was chosen to do that and it was a rewarding career,” said McDuffie. 
“I loved my whole time working in the juvenile department, I felt like I could see an improvement and I have people to this today thank me, I had a guy of Facebook awhile back send me a private message telling me how I saved his life by getting him out of one environment and putting him in another, I am still getting those rewards and in regular law enforcement that is hard to do, “said McDuffie.
McDuffie spoke about the challenges that students have to face in modern times.
“The home, drugs have changed the home environment and its effecting the kids, but we are very fortunate here at Linden-Kildare we have a great bunch of kids and you can quote me on that!,” said McDuffie. 
After retiring from the state McDuffie came to work for the Linden Police Department. 
“I was told that Alton needed somebody, he had an officer pass away and another retire, so he needed someone to come in and do some of the computer work and things that wasn’t his forte and I felt obligated to him because he had worked for me for so long and he really did me a favor to help me keep my certification active so I told him that I would try to stay there as long as he did, so I did,” said McDuffie. 
McDuffie is a Linden native and the father of four children and a grandfather to eleven grandchildren.
He also has served on the Linden-Kildare Board of Trustees for two terms. 

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