Former Cass County Clerk Jamie O’Rand charged with seven counts of forgery

Former Cass County Clerk Jamie O’Rand was recently charged in regards to  seven counts of forgery of doctor’s excuses.
According to probable cause affidavits issued on Nov. 8, the recently resigned County Clerk is suspected of seven counts of forgery for doctors’ excuses made for her child and then submitted to Linden-Kildare CISD. 
Prior to the suspected forgery, O’Rand was served a summons for a Parent Contributing to Non-Attendance for the truancy issues with her child. 
O’Rand was served the summons on Nov. 3 for the truancy issue, the same day L-K High School received an email with a attached doctor’s excuse from O’Rand that was supposedly from Marshall-Harrison County Health District from Dr. Carmen Barnes. 
The school contacted Marshall-Harrison County Health District and found that Dr. Carmen Barnes is not is not associated with the facility and that O’Rand’s child had never been seen at the facility. 
L-K CISD Police Chief Allen Williams continued the investigation and discovered the O’Rand had submitted three more supposedly forged doctor’s excuses for the child’s absence from school.
Also on Nov. 3, L-K Junior High contacted Officer Williams in regards to several other doctor’s excuses for O’Rand’s other child. 
L-K Junior High School staff reported to Chief Williams that they had also received doctor’s excuses which were received through emailed from O’Rand concerning her younger child who reportedly had ‘excessive absences’. 
Again the school contacted and confirmed with the medical facilities that these excuses were also allegedly forged.
More details will be reported as this story develops.

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