Atlanta Natives helps serve Iglesias Bautista Sion de San Cristobal after Hurricane Irma

Popcorn Maker, TXDot Employee, and world missions’ traveler. These three things may not go together, but they do describe Chris Easley.
This Atlanta Native can often be found out at his parents’ land making popped Kettle Corn for folks that come out to the Easley’s for the delicious meals they make and sell to the community. The popped corn is just one of the many things he has added recently to his resume of activities: Serving with a missions group is another.
This past September, Chris traveled with a group of people to Cuba to help in the wake of Hurricane Irma that hit Cuba on Sept. 11. 
“Cody Howard and I were the only two Atlanta people that went, everyone else was from Texarkana,”  said Easley. “The first thing I thought when I got to Cuba, was when I looked out the airplane flying into the island, and the first thing I saw was mountains all the old cars.”
Stationed about an hour away from Havanna, the mission group was in an area that had saw some flooding.
The main thing they did, in addition to ministering to the community, was to build an apartment for the pastor Rubén Hernandez of Iglesias Bautista Sion de San Cristobal.
“It was on top of the church, three stories high.” Easley said.
The group of missionaries had 11 people in all, the group required three translators, but many of the schools there teach English which allowed the group more resources to translation.
“We were able to maintain normal services including youth activities. We had close to 60 kids attend. We also had anywhere from 15 to 20 people from the church make professions of faith,” said Easley.
“It’s still a very poor country there, but it’s amazing how happy they are in all circumstances. The stories they told were sad but they were all just so happy to be at church,” Easley stated.
“My favorite thing about the whole experience was meeting all the new people. I was able to meet some really cool folks and see what life is like for other 20-year-olds,” Easley remarked.
Chris says he might go back to Cuba, but as for other countries he doesn’t know yet. 
In the meantime, you can find him out at his parents’ house manning the Kettle Corn pot.

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